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If they don't win league this season they never will...
(10-14-2017, 08:42 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Also, the way he's playing tonight, I think if De Rossi was at Milan right now his performance would be getting destroyed.

It's funny how Ventura keeps saying not calling up Joginho is a technical decision....yet De Rossi's garbage performances are apparently fine. 

About the game.....I felt like the first half was all Napoli. But Roma was way too cautious. They were pressing with 2-3 people (kind of like Milan does) and Napoli picked them a part. After the goal, it was like a training exercise of keep away for Napoli. It all just seemed too easy. The second half was much better from Roma, and they matched Napoli on the field. It is incredible watching Napoli play. The way they move off the ball, the confidence they have on the ball. None of their players panic and there is always so many options on the ball. And yes, the rotation of their midfielders causes so many problems for the opposition. It forces the midfielders to stay and mark man to man which creates gaps between the midfield like where Mertens and Insigne comfortable receive the ball. If the opposing midfielders don't follow their mark and play man to man, then Napoli's midfielders can just comfortably keep he ball until the gaps open up. 

Still, I think they need improvements in their pressing. I actually don't think they even try to press too hard or too high. If you stay calm on the ball against Napoli and don't make stupid technical mistakes on the ball, you can break their "press" very easily. Roma proved this in the second half. It will be interesting watching Napoli play against City because I think City's press on the ball is 10x better and definitely more intense. I'd like to see how Napoli deals with it as they will certainly lose the ball more often than in other games. From there on, it will be interesting how quickly they get it back as I just mentioned, their pressing game doesn't particularly impress me. 

@Sampinjon....I agree. This HAS to be Napoli's year. They just simply look unbeatable in Serie A right now. I certainly hope that it's them that take the title. If it's not going to be us of course.  Sagrin
Well ,despite all best wishes and good will it is really hard even to imagine us winning Serie A this year so yes, considering all contenders ,it would be nice if Napoli win it.
I wish Napoli would forget about the CL so they can focus on winning the Scudetto!! This truly could be their year.
They're such a mess of a club, from the very top all the way down to their fans. What's really disheartening about this anti-semitism scandal is not just that the had the Anne Frank wearing a Roma shirt, or even the fact that Lotito has been caught being disingenuous to the Jewish community. The big problem is those fans don't understand how this is offensive and a sensitive subject, and other ultras groups (like Juve's) have come out in defence of them.

It's a very serious subject matter about one of the greatest atrocities in the history of mankind. It's not just banter and jokes against rivals as they claim.
The only way to get this out of football is by strict punishments. Make Lazio play behind closed doors for 5 games. If they do it again, up the punishment to 10 games. That's basically the entire season. Slap some heavy fines as well. None of this 50k, 100k, crap. Make them pay several million in fines each time. You'll see how quickly Lazio as a club will clean up it's own fans and stop selling tickets to these idiots, not let them in the stadium, etc. They'll find out exactly who they are very quickly.

I know this also punishes the innocent fans, but it is what it is. This has to stop once and for all. There is no reasoning with these people as we've seen.

In any case, as you said Dev, that entire club is a mess. They are an embarrassment to Italian football.

About the Juventus fans supporting them....I believe is was only 1 group, no? I know that's 1 group too many, but I don't think it's the entire curva if I'm correct.
I think you're right about Juve ultras, in it was just one group. 

I think firmer action is needed too. Yes it punishes innocents, but if soft actions aren't working, I think it's right to send a clear message on what is and isn't allowed to work towards making stadiums a more welcoming place for people of different backgrounds or families.

Fundamentally it comes down to culture and an ignorance and lack of sensitivity to people of certain backgrounds. Something not just isolated to Italy, but something every country unfortunately has to tackle.
What a waste!

One of the best midfielders in Italy, was one of the most promising when at Verona, wants to play for Italy and is fundamental to the best side in Italy. Yet not considered for an Italy side that needs quality and depth in central midfield.
(11-02-2017, 04:48 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]What a waste!

One of the best midfielders in Italy, was one of the most promising when at Verona, wants to play for Italy and is fundamental to the best side in Italy. Yet not considered for an Italy side that needs quality and depth in central midfield.