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That's truth. I know just one guy who supported Chelsea before Abramovich era. All others are those "trendy" fans.
Speaking of Chelsea ,hope they'll lose badly today against Manchester...It's step towards our brighter future Big Grin
I must say Sampdoria are really impressing me this season and specifically Giampaolo's work is what really needs to be credited. His good year at Empoli showed some great things, but at the time I had a number of reservations about him because he hadn't shown much before that and he inherited Sarri's team. However, he stood out last year after Sampdoria avoided relegation the season below by getting a solid midtable finish with a clear identity for the team.

This year he's taken a further step forward, building on what he started last year as they currently sit 6th with a game in hand. I'm growing to appreciate his work, and wouldn't be shocked if he does well in a big team in the future.
That was Montella's Sampdoria who barely avoided relegation.
lol, I had a feeling you might make that point. Anyway that's right, Zenga was originally coach that season until November, after which Montella took over and didn't really do any better and by pretty much everyone was identified as the wrong fit for that side. That said, it was a troubled season for Sampdoria and Giampaolo's work following on from there is remarkable, he's brought them back to having some relevance again.

Quick shout out to (youth product) Verdi who became (I think) the first player in Serie A to score a left-footed and right-footed free kick in the same game.
that's amazing. I wonder if there is any way to find out if he may be the first player ever in all competitions to score free kicks with both feet.
Carlo Tavecchio has resigned, let's hope the new era will be handed over to the right people now.
(11-20-2017, 02:12 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Carlo Tavecchio has resigned, let's hope the new era will be handed over to the right people now.

Not really leaving with much dignity from what I've read. That said, I've not bothered to read everything he's said either.
Let's see what happens. If they put someone like Galliani in there, nothing will change. Another dinosaur with ideas and business sense from the 80s.

Italy needs fresh blood. New and brave ideas. Someome that will shake things up. Someone like Albertini for example. Or Roberto Baggio. Or Maldini. Etc...