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Lippi says he spoke to Ventura, Montella and Gasperini before Ventura was chosen...imagine our possible history if Tavecchio had chosen Montella for NT Big Grin
It would be fun to know what wouod happen in that alternate universe. Big Grin

Anyway, I think it's so ridiculous that nobody wants to take responsibility. In all honesty, the players have been the only ones that kind of did that.
Ventura blames the players and acted as if he did nothing wrong. He had to be fired as he didn't resign. Tavecchio blames Ventura and is saying he is only resigning due to political pressures and basicaly that he did nothing wrong. Lippi is blaming Tavecchio distancing himself from backing any candidate.

It's a shit show! No real men that take responsibility. The first and foremost to be blamed is Ventura. His choices were simply idiotic. He lost the locker room and was as thick headed as a mule.

Next, Tavecchio. Nobody blamed him for picking Ventura when he did. But when he saw things were not going as planned, he should have made a change.

Lippi....not quite sure where he fits in this equation...but he if he backed Ventura he should just say it. Not a big deal.
Why is no one talking about the Juve Loss????
I was going to comment on it. I've only seen the highlights, so can't comment too much on either Juve or Sampdoria too much, but really I just want to credit Sampdoria and Giampaolo.

I wasn't shocked when I saw the score, Sampdoria have excelled this season and I've said many times now that Giampaolo's really proving himself a very capable coach. He was very highly regarded when starting out as a coach and while his journey till now has had its difficulties, it seems his time at Empoli was really a catalyst to help him make the jump to the highest level in Italy. At Sampdoria his work is showing to be nothing short of outstanding, last year he had a very solid season and this year's he and the team are exceeding all expectations.

A lot of it comes down to his coaching, as we're not talking about a great squad or a good group of players here. Really barring Torreira most of the players in the squad a generally midtable players at best.

I've said a number of times the coaches I'd like at Milan post Montella are Conte or Sarri. If these guys aren't available, Giampaolo is becoming a firm alternative that I'd like for us to be looking at. Tactically he's got very clear ideas that fit with our traditions of attacking football. He's not tactically very flexible and this might not be appreciated by some fans, but like Sarri I think he's got his own interpretation of the game and wants his sides to impose their game on opponents rather than trying to adjust too much. My biggest concern with him now is he's not a big profile, meaning he's not a coach that will easily get the respect of top players. However, if he can show personality, convince players of his ideas and has the support of the management, this won't be a problem.

Others that might be of interest are Simone Inzaghi or Eusebio Di Francesco (very unlikely now he's at Roma). Alternatively look abroad for someone who can bring fresh ideas to Italy.
|I would take Giampaolo in a heartbeat. I regretted years ago when Berlusconi said no to Sarri. It was clear even then that Sarri was special.
De Sciglio scored for Juve. All he has scored while in Milan was an own goal, if I remember correctly.
The man with surname start with m has told the press that he would be delighted with rivera as the president, i dont know much about him, isnt he used to be our president before berlusconi?

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Who is the person with a surname starting m? Mirabelli?

Rivera is one of the all time legends for Milan, as a player playing for the club from the 50s through to the end of the 70s, you're talking about a guy who's of the same stature as the Maldinis and Baresi in the club.

After retiring, he was vice-president for the club though I don't know the true extent of his influence, but it was during a period where the club went through its worst period in history.

When Berlusconi came, he and Rivera didn't get on and had very different political views so Berlusconi basically sacked him.

Since then I believe his career has mostly been political, though he did have a very short stint as FIGC president.
mazzola, from the ugly inter jersey. lol
lol, thanks.