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(12-10-2017, 12:27 AM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]I pretty much feel the same way.  I refuse to watch a Milan game live now because I'm not going to waste my time watching poor football.  I'll record the games and if they win then I'll watch.  I started to watch Juve/Inter then decided since it was two teams I hate not to watch.  Rough times indeed

I still watch but I kinda tune out , its almost like background noise.

A lads , tis a sickner.I have 5 young cousins the range from 7-15 are football mad and they know nothing of Milan.They just think Milan are an Italian version of Crystal Palace or Stoke.
Its coming up to 11 years since Milan were relevant.By relevant I mean world eyes.Sure a Scudetto in 2011 but we whimpered out of the Champions league like we were nothing after 07.Its just sad.The seasons are pointless when you languish midtable year after year after year with no motive for playing.This season had been the worst of those by far.It was meant to be our year.
People still discuss Conte and top players , but are we more likely to see a firesale and more years of drama about ownership.
De Sciglio, The Next Maldini-
Lol...he actually had a good game defensively...but anyway, fuck him!!

In other news,
Haha...Lazio officially took the title of the "Biggest bitch team in Serie A" away from Fiorentina.
Napoli jersey:

Marek Hamsik 115 goals
Maradona 115 goals
That just doesn't look right Big Grin

Anyway, Inter dropped all 3 points today. They actually played really well in the first half and should have been up by a few goals at the half. Instead, Udinese came out really aggressive in the 2nd half and deservedly scored 2 goals.

I hope this is the time when Inter starts dropping points. I don't expect a total collapse because they are actually playing some good stuff...but clearly they weren't going to keep up this crazy pace throughout.

I think Napoli and Juventus will pull away and our only (highly unlikely) chance of 4th is to catch up to either Inter or Roma. At the moment, Roma is closer so I hope they drop points tonight also.

As with anything, it won't matter much if we drop points also. We are in a position where we have to win 5-6 games in a row. If we can do that, we might find ourselves within striking distance of 4th at that point.
We gave them their first ever Serie A point, Chievo first ever win

Benevento 1 - 0 Chievo FT
Massimo Coda 64'
Benevento not going down without a fight
Fiorentina 1-1 Inter

Inter last 7 games:
The only one win was through a PK shootout in Coppa, so it doesn't count. Icon_lol2