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Verdi close to Napoli for 24 million, that means we get 4.8 million
On the one hand it's good for him to go Napoli, but the question is how much space will he get there? Napoli seem to be set on the wings and it's lack of depth that's the problem so there will be some space, but for Verdi who has really just made the breakthrough to becoming a top player, I would hesitate on how much space he will get with Insigne and Callejon in the wide areas to really benefit his growth. That said, I wish him the best there.

Lots of discussion on VAR as well at the moment. I think it's got its benefits and drawbacks, mostly that its purpose has clearly reduced a number of errorneous calls in matches, but the implementation and the disruption and confusion it causes is a clear problem.
Verdi can easily take over from Callejon. I never thought much of Callejon and I think he benefits from Sarri's system rather then adding something to the system. I believe that with Verdi in the line up, Napoli will be stronger.

I brought him up over the summer and thought we shpuld go for him. Obviously it's too late now. I wish him luck and hope he helps Napoli win the Scudetto.
I kind of agree, I said for a little while that Callejon isn't a top player and it was a position they could improve on imo. That said, I think Sarri really likes him for the balance he brings in the side and how well he slots into his role (and the timing of his runs). Verdi I think may struggle for space with him there, maybe looking to take the spot himself next season more than this.

However, I'd be very wary if him, because a number of talents have gone to Napoli and haven't found it easy to carve space. For example, Tonelli was Sarri's guy at Empoli and followed him but ended up barely used. Maksimovic was excellent at Torino, yet has barely featured. Rog and to an extent Zielinski and Diawara have all had a few challenges in breaking into the team. They feature, but mostly as subs rather than as starters.

I think Verdi needs more than sub appearances to play to the levels he can reach. At the very least, he needs regular rotation with the current starters. While everyone knows Napoli needs depth on the wings, the question is how frequent will rotation be?
FIGC presidential candidate Damiano Tommasi says he would establish Serie A reserve teams and let them play in Italy’s third tier.

The system is currently being used in Spain and Germany, with ‘B’ teams playing in the their respective League pyramids as opposed to specialist divisions.

Does Italian football want to self-destroy itself???? Who in their right mind would be behind Lotito for any kind of a leadership role at FIGC??!!?

More of the same. Set in their old ancient ways of doing business. Corrupt in many ways....
Lotito is full of shit
If Lotito somehow gets elected I think I pretty much give up on Italian football at that point
The last sentence of that article says that Lotito is the owner of both Serie A side Lazio and Serie B club Salernitana.

I wonder what if Salernitana were to be promoted to Serie A? Any conflict of interest concerns? (I remember them being in Serie A in late 1990s, but of course they may not be owned by Lolito then).
(01-13-2018, 05:59 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]If Lotito somehow gets elected I think I pretty much give up on Italian football at that point

Actually, I have long given up on Italian football. I am Milan fan only.  Devilcool