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(01-30-2018, 05:57 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Damiano Tommasi, the closest thing to a change candidate, didn't even pass the first ballot yesterday but no one was elected since the amateur League who have 34% of the vote didn't even vote in the final fourth ballot that needed 50%+ to win. The federation is now in the hands of the Italian olympic committee until new elections. Gabriele Gravina, the president of the lower leagues, got the most votes not enough.

I won't deny that I've not really followed these elections. Tommasi was an attractive name because he seemed to desire the changes that Italian football needs. However, I have no clue who the others are or their policies. Based on what I'm hearing, like Tavecchio it seems those that can attract the lower levels are the ones most likely to win.
Inter last 7 Serie A games: 5 out of 21 pts
If we win tomorrow, with all the difficulty we've had and all pressure from the media we've endured, we'll only be 8 points behind them.  Devilcool
yesterday was a great day for us. but today it all went south. Calabria red card 68' Fiorentina scored 71', Atalanta scored 72', our own goal 76'. All in a matter of a few minutes. Angry
Genoa beat Inter soundly, 2-0, but Rafinha and Karamoh are good players. The first own goal was just a freak show, and the second one was great work by two former Inter players (Laxalt assist, Pandev goal). Big Grin

If we win tomorrow, we will be only 7 points away from Inter (and at most 8 points away from 4th). Too bad Roma seems to be pulling away after winning two close games, so let's hope for Lazio and Inter to flop.
Inter LOL

Meanwhile, this √únder guy at Roma is scoring some absolutely cracking goals. Perhaps someone to keep an eye on?
Yes, it is very annoying. Last week Benevento was only able to contain Roma for a half game, and this Under guy took over and scored two goals. I just checked, and he scored the only goal against Verona as well. Imagine Roma without him in the past three games. We could have been much closer. Oh, well, let's take matters into our own hands. Smile