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Inter scored 3 goals in 5 minutes against Sampdoria Sad
All the teams that we needed to beat Inter the last few weeks are shitting their pants. This is an embarrassing performance from Sampdoria.
Indeed it is. I was hoping they maybe could slip here but now that's not going to happen.
Lol ,there's come 4th ,screw you Sampdoria, hope you'll lose all games till the end.
0-5 at home? Sampdoria Facepalm
That was a freak match. Typical Pazza Inter.
When I watched it (during which period Inter scored 4), Samp had a complete collapse. They were beyond awful.
They conceded 9 goals in 2 games. That's something.
So far we are the only home team that won three points this week. We can be proud of ourselves.

The two remaining games this week: Lazio vs. Bologna, Napoli vs. Genoa.
Lazio 1-1 Bologna
Napoli 1-0 Genoa

I am not going to complain about either game. This weekend isn't too bad after all, despite Roma and Inter both won, and that I lost my top spot at PL. Big Grin Big Grin