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Yeah, apparently hackers took 2m, but last I heard the money had been frozen in a bank or something. It's ridiculous for Lazio to be as stupid as to transfer 2m based on a single unverified email.
Sassuolo 1 - 1 Napoli Facepalm

and only an own goal gave them a point
Dammit Napoli can't do anything right
Napoli already runs out of steam. Who cares anyway? If their point loss gave Juventus some incentive to slack off this afternoon, I will happily not complain.
There are still 8 matches to go. I am still hoping for a Napoli revival.
Napoli isn't out of it yet but it isn't looking good
[Image: 29572634_1739756866111736_58221782337899...e=5B6BFD7A]

Credit to R&B Forums. 

Beating Inter on Wednesday will not only put us back into the mix, but it will give us a very good chance. To be honest, even Roma isn't safely into the CL as they are still to play vs Lazio, Juventus, Fiorentina and a few relegation battlers. We absolutely MUST beat Inter. I think if we do, we will get in the CL.

Lazio has a really tough go also. They have to play Roma, Sampdoria, Atalanta, Inter, Fiorentina, Torino.....all VERY tough games. Obviously our schedule is no walk in the park also, but I'd say the games against Verona, Bologna and Benevento will be a lot less complicated.
I agree. If we beat Inter, then by all means we are back in the mix. If we lose or even draw, I think our chance is pretty much gone.

Too bad Inter are facing Juve and Lazio so late. Those two games could have become meaningless by then (for its opponents).
I am hoping that the Inter-Lazio game doesn't screw us. In other words, if we are 2 or 3 points behind 4th (and behind both Lazio and Inter) at that point, no result will help us.

Here is the way we have to look at it.....beat Inter, and then the only game we should be allowed to drop points in is Napoli. That means we get 24 points out of the possible 27. Very hard to achieve, but looking at those games, there is nothing extraordinary about beating the teams on that list.
With its current form, Napoli is perfectly beatable. We need to be courageous and careful at the same time. Let's also not forget that we are playing at home.