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shots on target 9:0
shots off target 9:0

I know how you feel, buddy. It is absolutely shameful.
Yes, they came there to lose. They simply calculated that they have very small chances to get anything out of this game and didn't wanted to spend themselves on vain battle.
Title race back on! Napoli wins 0-1 in Juventus thanks to a Koulibaly header
Napoli dominated yesterday. Extraordinary football from them.
Who do you think will win the final Serie A championship? Juventus or Naples?
I want Napoli, but suspect Juve will pip them in the end.
The key will be Roma and Inter Milan. Roma has a history of bending over for Juventus though.
I think we'll finally see a new champion of Italy. I don't see Juventus winning the rest of their games. It's as if they ran out of steam. They are playing some shit football. Although for the most part, they still win anyway, I do think they'll drop points. On the other hand I really see Napoli winning the rest of their games, especially coming off that win the other day.

What would be really sweet is if Juventus loses the Copa Italia to us and end up winning no titles this year.
Inter down to ten men but tied the game up at 1-1 for now. Pjanic currently getting away with murder but the ref refuses to give him a second yellow lol
Inter up 2-1 thanks to an own goal. Interesting. Big Grin