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The muppets choked.

How the hell wasn't pjanic sent off
Juventus won in the end. Wow.

Inter Merda are just useless. Facepalm

I didn't watch the game, so I couldn't comment on the Pjanic incident, but now Dollarumma's last-minute save against Napoli is looking to become a critical one.
Inter just can't do anything right
I was actually hoping that Inter would lose. I don't want them in the CL.

As for Juventus, they will slip up against Roma. It's just a matter of whether Napoli will win the rest of their games.
I'll never root for Inter
The ref's pro-juve bias was disgusting. Panic could've had 3 yellows.
(04-29-2018, 05:18 AM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]I was actually hoping that Inter would lose. I don't want them in the CL.

As for Juventus, they will slip up against Roma. It's just a matter of whether Napoli will win the rest of their games.
Even if Inter won yesterday, I'd still expect Lazio and Roma to outperform them until the end of the season. Now, I won't be shocked if Napoli drops points against Fiorentina after seeing how that game played out. Equally won't be shocked if it's due to a late penalty...
Allegri has a reputation (both good and bad) that's IMO wildly exaggerated, but I commend his words post match yesterday:

I've written posts about this for years, but today the press or analysts put so much emphasis on tactics that they seem to delude themselves that this is this defining factor to win in football. This is indicative with Milan too and Berlusconi's equally at blame for this as much anyone when he insists on 2 striker formations as though it will be the difference between finishing in top 6 and winning the scudetto.

Now I'm not going to dismiss the tactical game and I frequently discuss the tactical aspects of the game. I do think Allegri puts too much faith on individuals winning matches and should implement more mechanised attacking moves to help give the team greater structure.

However, where I take issue is that in Italy it's almost as if people believe that getting a good coach automatically means you will challenge for top competitions. This is a massive problem, because the focus shifts to the wrong areas. For example, in Italian youth development for years they seemed to forget to teach technical skills to youngsters as a priority, ending up with an Italian national team that for a decade or more hasn't been technically able to compete with other top nations.

It's as though they forget that during the years when Italy were at their most competitive, they had top/world class players in almost every position. Frankly speaking, as long as a guy like Parolo is considered a starter the Italian national team, they won't go anywhere.

Tactics are vital in football to add structure and get the most out of players, but without quality players to begin with tactics only take you so far. I can't remember which interview, but Maldini has said in the past that it's the players that ultimately make the difference. Boban also a couple of years ago said Italy has stopped producing players who have the individual ability to take on their man.

It's totally true. To relate this back to Milan, we can bitch and moan about player selection and tactics as much as we want, but since 2007 we've not had the right players to truly compete at the top (yes, I count the Ibra and Silva era in this). We go through coaches hoping one of them will finally turn the corner, but we have to build a squad that can do this first. This season, we've got signs that we're finally heading in the right direction, even if results have been disappointing.

You need quality players first and foremost, then a good tactician to bring structure and get the most out of those players.

No matter how many sprinkles you put on top of a pile of shit, it's still shit, not chocolate ice cream. Likewise, give me chocolate ice cream, but have a pig serve it to me and I'll still get shit in my ice cream.
Excellent post! Spot on!

Italian football has fallen behind because almost all the emphasis is on tactics. It's rigid football without much imagination. Players almost act as robots on the field. 

I, like you, value the tactical side of the game....but first and foremost the individuals have to be capable.
Unfortunately ,Fiorentina just trashed Napoli 3-0. I guess it's over now.