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The same Koulibaly who won all three points for Napoli last week got an early red card in the game today which then led to Fiorentina running riot. Unfortunate because I really wanted Napoli to push Juventus. Now I really don't see it happening..
Lack of a bench, lack of rotation (sari's stubbornness), tired legs and the lack of a winning mentality cost Napoli the scudetto. No way Juve are dropping points now and even if they do, they just need to win two more matches.
(05-09-2018, 03:44 PM)somedevil Wrote: [ -> ]FINALLY ! B teams in Lega Pro

Great news
That's very good news, hope it is implemented and utilized well.

That's pretty much calcio summed up in the space of about an hour. One moment B teams is definitely a thing, now it's a maybe, but worst of all, no one seems to be communicating there so all sorts of messages are made publicĀ  Undecided
Italian football just loves fucking itself in the arse.
Looks like Sassuolo just eliminated Inter from CL spot

oh and Icardi cried
The best case scenario....Inter out of the CL while we stay 6th and get straight into the EL.
Finally something to smile about.