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It was, Roma pulled it back and at the end it could have gone either way
Friday's gonna be interesting
I see no reason not to believe. Roma have shown nothing so far to suggest we should fear them. People aren't happy with the Napoli performance, but that performance showed progress to me in many ways we work with the ball compared to last season. We're miles off challenging for the top right now, but we CAN compete, I believe that 100%. Now it's about growing the mental strength, it's been the biggest challenge for years, but these players have 3 of the strongest to learn from in Rino, Leo and Maldini. If they can't learn from them, then they simply aren't good enough for the highest level.

I believe we're in for a good season. I don't just believe it, I believe wholeheartedly we have a set up in place to achieve top 3 or 4.
No Strootman (transfered) and no Florenzi (injured) while we'll finally have all our players available.
We HAVE TO win !

PS : Because I can't be in San Siro for my second Milan-Roma and see another defeat ...
Player salaries were posted today by Gazzetta. As always, not necessarily 100% accurate, but a good picture nontheless.

We are second to Juventus overall. Their gross saparies are over 200mil while we are at 140.

1 interesting fact....Borini makes more than any Lazio player. Haha
no wonder savic wants to move, maybe a trade between borini and savic is possible, lol
Chievo punished with 3 points deducted cause they didn't "balanced books" well.
3 point deduction? Is it final?

I read about the rumor of 15 points. Before the season started, there was even rumor of relegation to B.
They have right to appeal, but on official table they're currently on -2 points. They also got some financial punishment. Which is... punish guys cause they don't have enough money by taking even more money from them...