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Watched Inter's game. They weren't bad in the first half but as the game went on they got more desparate. They probably shouod have had a PK for a handball but cudos to Parma for defending (desperately many times) the way they did. Still, Parma was very dangerous on their counters and Dimarco scored a spectacular goal from long range.

Just glad that Inter lost another game.

Naingolan was invisible for most of the game. Didn't even cover much ground. He had 1 dangerous shot but that was it.

The worst of them all was probably Brozovic. I can see why merda fans are done with him. Getting beat and walking back. Losing the ball left and right.

It's still so early obviously and I think they'll get better as the season goes on so I'll enjoy these losses now. They will certainly be in the mix for top 4.

It will be interesting to see how they cope with the CL at the same time. They have a limited squad there already.
I knew VAR would be a mess, first in World Cup EVERY hand ball became a pen, after years of unintentional and close to ball not being pens. Now VAR is missing stuff.
(Of course I don't care about Inter, I hope they lose all 38 games, but this is about football being consistent)
Lol Inter! We need to capitalize on this tomorrow.

As for handball, as long as there remains "room for interpretation" then VAR or not there will controversy. VAR doesn't change the rules, it just gives referees a chance to enforce it more accurately.
It definitely changed the rules during WC
Roma tied 2-2 with Chievo after leading 2-0. 3 fomer Milan players scored...SES, Cristante and Birsa.

Giaccherini could have won it at the very end with a spectacular shot that Olsen somehow got his fingertips on to push it over the bar.

So far, none of our competitors for 4th place have hit the ground running. This is great for us.
Inter plays Samp next weekend away. I see them losing that one as well. Samp away is one of the most difficult games in Serie A.

Juventus now struggling to create anything vs Sassuolo. As a matter of fact, Sassuolo look like the better team in all honesty.
Time to take advantage

edit - this may be the best Serie A season in a long time
C. Ronaldo's first goal. WTF.  Angry Angry

This is wrong on so many levels.  Angry Angry

[Image: XxPP-hkahyhx8855249.gif]
I just saw that! WTF was the defender thinking?? He had very little pressure and almost nodded the ball straight back into his own goal Confused

sometimes when I was watching Milan I remembered how Milan fans mocked our competitors, yet we are the one in this kind of situation. LOL
Rossi from Genoa failed on doping test ,most likely he will get one year of suspension.