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(11-21-2018, 04:45 AM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting thanks, will follow and might chip in

The first episode is free.  Drops on Friday
Lazio and Roma dropping point again.

Lazio remain unbeaten in the past five games. Big Grin
Is Pippo about to get sacked again???
Bologna lost away to Empoli and are stuck in 18th position.
Apparently ,both of the brothers are in danger.
Watched Roma-Genoa, and I can't understand how the last minute push on Pandev by Florenzi wasn't even reviewed by VAR. There was a clear push in the back and had it not been for that Pandev would have gotten his head at the end of that cross.
Inter 1-0 Napoli
Lautaro 90'

Last minute goal and both Koulibaly and Insigne got reds, didn't did this happen?
This game was not good at all. Koulibaliy's sending off was quite confusing to me. He barely even touched the Inter player on a counter attack, then he clapped in the referee's direction for calling it a foul, and then next thing I knew he was sent off. Then of course without their main defender, Napoli got done on a cross toward the center of the box. Not sure what happened for the second red, though.
Koulibaly got racist insults from crowd. He responded with clapping to them ,referee thought that clapping was towards him and he sent him off.
Damn yea I'm reading about it this morning - I can't believe the referee did nothing. And the mayor of Milan says they should make Asamoaj captain for the next game... Like that will do anything