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Inter historically has difficulties against Torino and Parma. I hope that tradition will prevail. Smile

I would be surprised if Lazio can win against Juventus. Technically, even if they won by one goal, we would still be at 4th based on goal difference. Big Grin
Nice! Torino 1-0 Inter. FT.

We are now 5 points behind Inter. Let's hope that we can overtake them soon. Roma and Atalanta worry me a little, and we need more breathing room. Inter can go to 5th or 6th eventually. Big Grin
Lazio absolutely dominated Juventus in the first half. Juve didn't even have one shot. Can't believe it. The one time that you need them to do well.....
Juventus somehow stole a goal back and equalized, then sealed the victory a few minutes before the game with a penalty. I thought that the decision was controversial, but you've got to admit that Allegri's subs were spot on. The two subs, Bernardeschi and Cancelo were influential in both goals.

It is so good that once in a while I can enjoy a game without having to root for either team. I will celebrate any day that Ladri lose, but seeing that Lazio is our direct competition, I happily see them lose points either.

Still 4th. Smile
5 points behind Inter is nothing. I hope we make that LW signing. For the 1st time in years I feel like we are very very well positioned to be in the top 4. With Inter having big locker room issues, who knows, we could even end up 3rd.
Regret the dropped points in many occasions we had to beat clearly
True, but let's not dwell on the past. There are still plenty of points to earn. Smile
Roma imploding. Dzeko will likely be suspended for several games after spitting on ref. Manager could be sacked after losing 7-1 to Fiore today too
Allegri sent off. Atalanta up 2-0
(01-30-2019, 09:17 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]Roma imploding.  Dzeko will likely be suspended for several games after spitting on ref.  Manager could be sacked after losing 7-1 to Fiore today too

It is a Coppa game, so the red card should not lead to suspension in the league game. I think it should be a ban into next season's Coppa game, but let's hope they will make an exception. Big Grin

(01-30-2019, 09:31 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]Allegri sent off.  Atalanta up 2-0

What's going on with Juventus? Their game against Lazio was the first in a long while (since either 1994 or 2004, I forgot) that they didn't have one single shot in the entire first half, now they are repeating it again against Atalanta.