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Too bad Inter won today. It seems that they may be better off without Icardi? Angry

In the meantime, Icardi just attacked his own sister. Icon_lol2

Quote:Icardi in Twitter row with sister over Wanda

Mauro Icardi is not just in an ugly row with Inter over wife Wanda Nara, but also had a very public argument with his sister via Twitter.

The striker can’t seem to find peace at the moment, as he was stripped of the captaincy due largely to Wanda – who acts as his agent – negotiations over a new contract and comments in the media.

He then pulled out of games against Rapid Vienna and Sampdoria, officially due to a knee injury, but many believe he is trying to avoid playing time.

On Saturday evening, he broke his silence in the worst way, engaging in a very public row with his sister Ivana.

It has been bubbling under for quite some time, as Ivana went on several TV shows in Italy and Argentina begging to be allowed to see her nephews, openly blaming Wanda for turning her brother against her.

She also commented on Twitter this week that the Inter breakdown was inevitable because he needed "someone who really has your interests at heart" taking care of his business dealings.

Wanda, in return, hinted Ivana was only trying to get money off her successful sibling.

On Saturday night, after the latest plea: “I want my brother back”, Icardi finally replied.

“It’s not going to happen. Why don’t you try using the time you spend on here WORKING!!! You’ll achieve nothing with this strategy. And remember to ask about some of your other six brothers, seeing as you never do that on Twitter. Bye.”

Ivana shot back that she didn’t have to ask about them on Twitter, “seeing as they answer the phone when I call them. They don’t have a viper behind them who casts a spell to make them in her image. Stop being so stupid and open your eyes! Get back to being the person you were.”

Wanda then joined in by posting an image titled “Icardi family reunion” of Mauro, his two daughters and his father Juan.

I think I am going to stop posting about that piece of shit. It is polluting our forum.  Devilol
To be fair.. im not sure who is more toxic of the 2.. Wanda or Icardi himself.. peoplr might have forgotten this but, he was the one who made a move on a teammates wife while they were on a holiday together.. he aint no saint himself.. lol..
They are meant for each other. Big Grin
Icardi's wife is a joke??
(02-18-2019, 10:32 PM)Rishav kant Wrote: [ -> ]Icardi's wife is a joke??

Well.. recently they did prank her lol.. and she sort of deserves it..
I only watched the last 20 minutes. The penalty they conceded was a BS call as the ball hit the chest. When it went to VAR, I thought it was going to be reversed. LOL. Icon_lol2
How did VAR get a wrong call..?
Three VAR decisions in that match, 2 very wrong, ridiculous
(02-24-2019, 11:01 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Three VAR decisions in that match, 2 very wrong, ridiculous

Can you elaborate a little? I only watched the last 20 minutes.