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One was a Fiorentina handball that in many situations in the past 20 years would not have given, but these days ok may be.
The 2 others was one you saw and the other .... was shooting motion to shoot the ball but missed the ball hit Inter defender on the leg instead...I read many saying it was a clear foul, I don't understand people Big Grin Will try to find gif or video.
Poor Inter  Inter5ow Icon_lol2
Cant find close up
[Image: rB8ApFxzBY2ANJlpABtdbmqfWRc497.gif]

Politano tribute to Icardi interrupted by Peresic. Tension is obvious.

This Coppa Italia game though
3-3 has to be Atalanta's favorite scoreline. I can recall a few games ending with this scoreline for them. Heck, even for Fiorentina, both past home games ended with 3-3! Big Grin
Quote:FIFA President Gianni Infantino warns “Italy are today behind Gabon when it comes to stadiums. It’s incredible that only Udinese and Juventus own their arenas.”
Infantino spoke to Rai Sport about the problems affecting Italian football and gave a damning indictment.
“The situation with stadiums in Italy goes beyond all logic. This is a country that has incredible passion and culture for football. Yet today Italy are behind Gabon, who organised the most recent Africa Cup of Nations, when it comes to stadiums.
“It’s incredible to see that only Udinese and Juventus own their arenas. A stadium is not just an expense, but above all an investment.”
This is not through want of trying, as Roma have been fighting for years to get permission for their Stadio Della Roma project, continually pushed back by the local authorities.
Napoli, Lazio and Fiorentina are also among the clubs who have seen their projects caught up in red tape for years, even decades.
saw on another Milan forum

[Image: ITiWgdM.png]

I have always thought that Icardi's salary was 9mil. So it was right, except that it was before tax! LOL. 

Can makes 5mil? Icon_lol2

I also read that Ramsey is going to be on some crazy-ass salary too next season. Icon_lol2
Inter is trailing 0-1 against Cagliari. They are lucky it isn't 0-2.

Still only the first half, so it is way too early to call.