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Roma with their new manager might suffer some tactical problems and might get a draw that would be a great night for us
If we manage to beat Merda in the derby, our chances to catch Napoli are real. from the previous seasons we all know tha napoli will suffer the end of the season. main threat for us for the CL is Roma, =with Ranieri they will get some boost. for us in enough to do the homework, without watching the oppoisition
Roma is leading Empoli 2-1 at HT. I am debating if I should tune in and watch the second half.

Most likely not. Yesterday, Inter Milan was playing like crap (I was following on and following the game on another Milan forum), then I decided it was time to watch it, Merda scored twice. Angry
Fuck VAR. Empoli goal is disallowed at 90th minute.
It's amazing how VAR is worse for the game now. At least it has been this season
WTF. El Shaarawy is Roma captain now?
Well who else is going to be?
(03-11-2019, 10:26 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]It's amazing how VAR is worse for the game now.  At least it has been this season

I am still upset that the referee decided not to even look at VAR for Pellegrini's potential red card and Kolarov's foul. Angry
(03-11-2019, 10:27 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]Well who else is going to be?

I don't know. I don't really care. In fact, I wouldn't even watch a Roma game if they weren't our main competitor. 

I like Ranieri, but he'd better take Roma down to the crapper. Big Grin

Roma has been way too lucky this season.
VAR or no VAR, certain teams in this league are absolutely useless and terrible. I only wantched the last 10 minutes or so....and Empoli did not cause any trouble. Apart from the goal that was disallowed, they did nothing. Didn't even look like they wanted to in all honesty. They looked slow, tired and sloppy. I mean, how are you going to play that slow when you are down by a goal and up a man with 10 minutes to go. No hunger or desire. You would expect for players to be exhausted and sprinting, pushing hard to score a goal. Instead, they couldn't care any less. How is a damn game going end, and the team that is down by a goal has players walking around smiling and shaking hands. If they really did everything and left it all on the field, they should be all bending over grasping for air.

It's about time that this league went down to 18 teams. Hell, even less then that. The quality of the last 4-5 teams is absolutely embarrassing.