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(03-31-2019, 07:21 PM)Mystik Wrote: [ -> ]Lol Frosinone - what purpose do they even serve? Are we going to be moving to an 18 team Serie A? I can't remember what happened to that discussion

Still not as bad as the Flying Donkeys
Lazio is leading at San Siro against merda. I guess it is either 3rd or 5th for us then. LOL.
Inter: (Genoa), Atalanta, (Frosinone), Roma, Juventus, (Udinese), Chievo, (Napoli), Empoli

Milan: Udinese, (Juventus), Lazio, (Parma), (Torino), Bologna, (Fiorentina), Frosinone, (SPAL)

Atalanta: Bologna, (Inter), Empoli, (Napoli), Udinese, Lazio, Genoa, (Juventus), Sassuolo

Roma: Fiorentina, (Sampdoria), Udinese, (Inter), Cagliari, (Genoa), Juventus, (Sassuolo), Parma

Lazio: (SPAL), Sassuolo, Udinese, (Milan), Chievo, (Sampdoria), Atalanta, (Cagliari), Bologna, (Torino)

*()= away

Take it as you will, but I believe Lazio has the easiest schedule and then us. Yes, I know, any game can be a hiccup. But a look at everyone else's games, and you see......

Inter: Atalanta, Roma, Juventus, Napoli. Genoa away is no easy game either, just ask Juventus.
Atalanta: Inter, Napoli, Lazio, Juventus
Roma: Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Inter, Juventus. Plus, Genoa away.
Lazio: "Easiest" schedule, imo. The head to head with us will be very important. Other then that, they have Atalanta, Sampdoria away and Torino away (same as us).

So if Lazio manages to hold on to this 1-0 vs Inter, then they really will be our biggest threat and that head-to-head will be the game of the season for us (and them). The good thing is, IF Lazio holds on to this and beats Inter, as crazy as it may sound, we actually may end up ahead of Inter. So after all, it may be Lazio and Milan that take 3rd and 4th.
Ideally, this game should end in a tie. About 25 minutes left for Merda to pull one back. If the game had to be won, I would rather Merda won it instead of Lazio. As you said, Lazio is on form, and they have the easiest schedule. I am not sure if I wanted them to catch up with us. There isn't much difference between 3rd and 4th.

Either way, our game at San Siro against Lazio is going to decide the season. Whoever wins will have a tremendous advantage.
I reckon we will take 22 points from our remaining matches.
Now I'll give Lazio proper credit as I expected Inter to win. Will be an interesting race to the finish
There's no way Icardi & Spaletti are at Inter next season
Mou and Morata Big Grin
(03-31-2019, 11:18 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Mou and Morata Big Grin

Yes please
I heard they are being linked with Lukaku Icardi swap deal. It's like selling Ferrari to buy Fiat Big Grin