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(04-10-2019, 01:07 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Speaking of reunions, would they take Montolivo back too?

Well, he's free agent in few months...I'm not sure that Fiorentina have finacial capabilities to fight with competition... Man. City ,PSG & Barcelona will for sure fight to obtain such a gem.
B&G at Monza will give him a 3 year contract
Maybe. But that won't be our problem any more. Big Grin
I'm "curious to see" ,since he declined to go because he "didn't wanted to move family from Milano" ,what he will do now...
He's not going to get renewal here and he's not going to get offer from Inter. I don't know if there are some lower league clubs from Milano ,but only solution for him will be to retire. Or (of course) moving from Milano will be no problem anymore.
Monza is close enough from Milano. Big Grin
2019-20 Serie A season starts on the weekend of August 24-25 and end on May 23-24, with three midweek rounds.
Midweek rounds are on September 25, October 30 and April 22
Tonights action, Cannot see Empoli getting anything. Do not think we should be looking at Atalanta anyway. That would be looking down.
Huge result for Empoli in the battle to avoid relegation. Also helps us out too
Atalanta, who had scored 18 goals more than Milan, 0-0 vs Empoli at home, we have been super lucky with other results
Just saw that Atalanta had 34 shots, while Empoli had 3. LOL.