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(09-29-2019, 06:12 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like Gattuso to Genoa

Get him back to us ffs.
The next two matches literally are going to be the relegation battle.

Genoa (18th) vs. Milan (16th)
Milan (16th) vs. Lecce (17th).

Maybe we should strategically throw away the next game away at Genoa, and save all our energy for the more important home game against Lecce? It seems that we only need one victory out of the two games to be safe.

Really enjoyed the Parma v Torino match last night. Everytime i watch them i love hearing that march music as the teams come out.
I wonder if anyone would have a way to find out if today's Genoa vs. Milan set a record in that both sides each have at least one red card on the pitch and one off the pitch.
anyone watching Inter vs. Juventus? I am not.

I just saw the scoreline is now 1-2 (90'). Higuain with the winner (for now).
I watched it. Juventus was the better team easily for me. You could see Sarri's football there. Press high, keep the ball, dominate. Inter was limited to short burts of possession, if you can even call it that. It was more like limiting them to counter attacks.
In the end, the better team won. As time goes by this season and Sarri continues to put his staple on the team...I don't see anyone overtaking Juventus.
Just watched 1st half and went to sleep at HTSmile
Juve was dominating though, Inter's goal was out of nowhere and worsened by the injury to their most creative mid, Sensi.. 

Imagine Hakan- Biglia - Kessie vs Jube mid + their relentless FB coming forward ( oh wait.. MG might not last that long though  Sagrin )
Just saw Lecce-Juventus. Maybe we shouldn't be too mad that we tied against them, as they gave Juventus a hard time as well. Game ended 1-1 with 2 penalties for each side.

Juventus had chances to pull ahead, but so did we. Fact of the matter is that Lecce is not some noob team, where if we don't roll over them than it's a problem.
kudos Leece, what a game
Watching Inter - Parma, of course it's only based on 30 minutes and not their last games but Inter lol, very basic counter attacking mistakes 2-1 Parma after 30min, Godin can be beat sooo easily if you have pace and run (at him).

Also, I am more and more convinced this playing from the back is wrong. Goalies like Handanovic doing a goal kick and 4 Inter defenders facing their own goal waiting for a dumb, don't care why top coaches do it.