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Lord scored for Verona today. Okmilan

I bet that he will get a standing ovation in two weeks when he comes back to San Siro. Proud
(01-19-2020, 05:04 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: [ -> ]Lecce 1-1 Inter. Not that I care, but it is always fun to see Inter losing some points.

Fabio Liverani has a good mangerial career ahead of him. Plays attacking football and have successfully able to keep Lecce from relegation. Earn draws against Milan, Juve and Inter. Lecce has few good names Petriccione, F.Falco, Calderoni in their team
Cristiano Ronaldo ‘kisses’ Paulo Dybala on the lips in celebration as Juventus stars’ relationship reaches new level

Imagine 'Kiss'ie doing it Icon_lol2
It is really not that unusual. The first image that came to my mind right away is the kiss between Maradona and Caniggia. 

[Image: 0_g90qz10h.jpg]

There is an article about famous kisses, if you are interested. More bromance in there.  Icon_lol2
caldara is miserable. thank god we sold him
Atalanta lost two in a row with Caldara. Yes!
(01-20-2020, 10:43 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: [ -> ]Atalanta lost two in a row with Caldara. Yes!

Milan sleeper cell is active in the league.  Icon_lol2
Gattuso and now Caldara
Too bad Roma got full 3 points yesterday. Genoa actually had a few really decent chances, and their stupid goalkeeper gifted Dzeko one goal. With some luck, it could at least have been a draw.

Overall, very positive weekend. As long as we take care of our own business, good things will happen. I am more concerned by Atalanta than Roma.

I hope that this season will turn into a rerun of 98-99, but of course it is way early to call that. We need to put together a string of wins first before we can start dreaming. More likely, I am afraid, that we will get some positive results, but ruined by the Derby again (the same story these past few seasons. Angry).
Milan former youth product Raoul Bellanova to join Atalanta
(01-23-2020, 12:01 AM)Sleeping Giant Wrote: [ -> ]Milan former youth product Raoul Bellanova to join Atalanta

from bordeaux? if not wrong