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Atalanta.. what a team. Another game with 7 goals. Devilstupito
Atalanta 26 games 70 goals
Milan 25 games 27 goals
Lord Kalinic punishing Cagliari
(03-01-2020, 06:03 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Atalanta 26 games 70 goals
Milan 25 games 27 goals

we should get the whole team plus the coach,  and rename it ACMILAN  Sagrin
not just the players and coach, but also the management and their youth team
FIGC President Gabriele Gravina - “If a Serie A player were to test positive for the Coronavirus, we would not rule out suspending the whole season.”
Quote:Atalanta fans have decided to donate €40,000 to local hospitals, which would’ve been spent on tickets to the Champions League game in Valencia.

So, the possibility of playoffs mentioned in tha meeting they had today.

1) no assigning a scudetto, notifying UEFA who's playing in Europe next summer (not sure about relegation with this option)

2) ending the league at this point as it is. Scudetto to Juventus, European spots as they are and relegation as it is

3) playoffs

Honestly, I can't imagine 1 or 2. Teams are going to freak out. More so those in the relegation battle separated within 4-5 points with 12-13 games to go. Not thay Lazio and Inter won't be pissed that they don't get a crack at juventus, but at least there is a silver lining for them in the CL entrance. But that leaves Roma even more damaged as they are 3 points behind Atalanta (hence, with a game more).

So, as crazy as it is, if the season can't finish, I see the possibility of a playoff as the most likely and the one that will be agreed to by all clubs. The question will be who will play in what playoffs, assuming there will be scudetto and relegation playoffs, and you have several teams mathematically possible to win the scudetto or get relegated (including Milan).

The most reasonable option would be to separate the league intop and bottom half. Top half is the scudetto/europe play off and the bottom relegation. To cut the number of games, you can have the current top 2-4 teams from the scudetto play off and the bottom 2-4 teams from the relegation playoff not play the first round of games.from that point on it becomes a 1 game knock out match. You can finish the season within 3-4 weeks at max and settle everything while still giving everyone a chance to achieve objectives.
It should be decided by fan voting Big Grin
I have also heard that there will be no relegation this year. Next season there will be 22 teams in Series A. (Two teams promoted from B).