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Atalanta Teenage Midfielder Andrea Rinaldi Dies from Brain Aneurysm. He used to play for Serie D club Legnano (on loan).
RIP Brother!! Sad
Quote:Roma chiefs make contact with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince as Newcastle takeover drags on

Holy shit!! Imagine Roma getting SAUDI prince Scared This made me think is there any king/prince who can buy AC Milan??
Former Inter Milan coach Luigi ‘Gigi’ Simoni breathes his last aged 81.
Marcelo Bielsa to return to Serie A, either Hellas or Fiorentina.
Real question is....will Reza start supporting Hellas or Fiorentina??
No need to worry even if Reza starts supporting those teams...Bielsa's career has taught us that it'll only be for a brief time! Big Grin

I will make a Come to Milan banner Grinundwech
There are some talks nowadays about a playoff system in Italy to end this season if they can't end it with the normal schedule of the league.
The rumours are several groups of playoff ...

One of the rumours could benefit us (which would be a kind of undeserved dream come true), the other one could end our season right now.

1. For the title, playoff system with 8 teams.
Juventus and Lazio would be immediately qualified for the semifinals. Atalanta and Inter could be qualified for the "quarterfinals".
That means there would be some kind of first round between Napoli/Roma/Milan/Hellas. The 2 winners would face Inter/Atalanta. The next winners would face Lazio/Juventus. And then you would have the final.

2. For the title, playoff system with 6 teams.
We're out of that system as we're potentially 7th of the league. We would probably play to qualify for the preliminary round of Europa League, or for nothing.

Serie A will officially resume on the weekend of June 20-21 with four games, including Atalanta-Sassuolo and Inter-Sampdoria.
As expected, the Italian top flight will restart from the 25th matchday, which was never completed in March due to the coronavirus lockdown.
“Lega Serie A held an assembly meeting today in the presence of all 20 clubs via conference call,” read an official statement.

Coppa will be played on june 17.
Italian second tier side Venezia have suspended training after one of their players tested positive for COVID-19, the club said in a statement.
The Serie B side, were are due to visit Pordenone on Saturday in their first match since the three-month coronavirus stoppage, said the case was detected in the fifth round of testing of the squad on Friday.
“The team has gone into isolation pending the results of a new round of swab tests and to await further indications from the authorities,” said the club.