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(01-27-2012, 02:31 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Huh I thought Honda is more like a playmaker too? I am confused. Huh

Well the guy showed with his club and his NT that he can play in several positions on the pitch (AM, R/LW, SS, CF) ... So with Honda coming, why would Hernanes go ? If they can use both, I don't understand why they would just use one to replace the other ?

And even if Honda plays like an AM (he's not a playmaker IMO), Hernanes could be used in the midfield, he has the tools to play a similar role to Pirlo in Juventus ...
I rarely watch Lazio this season. He started brightly last season then faded a bit. How's Hernanes been doing this year anyway?
I could be biased but I thought Hernanes would help us immediately. Still can't believe why we never made a move for him with his price tag that is not too crazily high.
(01-28-2012, 12:25 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I could be biased but I thought Hernanes would help us immediately. Still can't believe why we never made a move for him with his price tag that is not too crazily high.

I think a player like him could help us, yep ... With him into our midfield, along with MVB, Nocerino and Boateng, we would have a great mix of different midfielders (physical and skilled ones like MVB, Nocerino and Boateng, very skilled one like Hernanes : not technical skills for all of them, for MVB and Hernanes, it's more about passes).

Anyway, following the rumours, I was right, Cisse could leave on loan to QPR before the end of this mercato ... That means Honda will be there to take a spot in attack, and not in their midfield. So Hernanes isn't on the market for moment.
Jube vs. Udinese in 5 minutes.

Jubentus: Buffon; Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini; Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Giaccherini; Estigarribia; Matri, Quagliarella
on the bench: Storari, De Ceglie, Marchisio, Marrone, Pepe, Del Piero, Borriello

Udinese: Handanovic; Ferronetti, Danilo, Domizzi; Basta, Isla, Fernandes, Armero, Pasquale; Abdi, Di Natale
on the bench: Padelli, Piccoli, Battocchio, Ekstrand, Pereyra, Floro Flores, Torje

Asamoah is absence due to African Nations Cup. Udinese is already much weakened. I would be surprised if Di Natale showed up and delivered anything against Jube. That old fart always managed to do some damage to us.

Will be watching it and hoping for something positive. Not counting on it though.
Game is over between the two zebras. Juventus beat Udinese 2-1 in a snow storm. Matri scored twice. We are now 4 points behind Jube; if Inter Merda won tomorrow, they would move into top 3. Another perfect example of one match helping Merda and Ladri at the same time. (Last one was the Milan Derby). Merda and Ladri must be loving each other so much. Wallbang

On another note, It is amazing (yet not unexpected) how useless di Natale is every time he plays against juventus. when you think it is bad enough that he is invisible, then he pops out and ruins the chance or semi-chance that is hard fought by his teammates. while he plays milan, he could turn a non-chance into a semi-chance, and semi-chance into full one, and score out of all of them.

something is simply beyond explanation. oh well, we still have everything under our own control. as long as we keep winning, that's all it takes for the scudetto.
Lecce 1, Inter 0 now

Oddo assited, well, I somehow miss his crosses Big Grin
a few minutes to go. Smile
I watched the second half of Lecce-Inter (first win of Lecce at home this season ... Big Grin): their RB and their GK were outstanding !!
I only watched the last 10 minutes of Chievo-Lazio, Lecce-Milan, and Roma-Bologna games all at the same time on EPSN3. A few comments/questions:

1) What a flat-track bully Lazio is! Big Grin
2) I saw that Lazio had three yellow cards today. Any resulting suspension for the next game?
3) So happy to see Inter finally going back to lose points. I was very nervous as I usually don't have good luck watching other teams play and getting the results I want. Which is why I intentionally got up late, and saw the scoreline with about 25 minutes left. Finally, I just couldn't resist it with 10 minutes to go. A draw would have made me happy, by the way. Big Grin

Can't wait for our game!!!!