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1-1 Pirlo just scored. Good, open game, and both teams just hit the cross bar .... Very Open.

Juventus have tons of energy, but Borriello is a big flop.
3-1 now. what the heck.
An interesting game between Genoa and Parma ended 2-2. Parma was 2-0 up to almost 80th minute. Palacio scored twice, one from the spot (79th min), and the second deep into injury time (96th min). The allotted injury time was 7 minutes, which gave Genoa (the home team) a huge break. Parma was pissed off.

I am so ready for Milan - Jube right now.
Three rather big games take place simultaneously this afternoon (afternoon for me):

21' Bologna 0 - 0 Udinese

21' Lazio 0 - 0 Fiorentina

21' Napoli 0 - 0 Inter Milan
Napoli 1 - 0 Inter

Congrat Napoli, I want you to be at top 3

Siena 4 - 1 Palermo

Palermo aren't in good form, despite of an away match.
believe it or not, I felt asleep after Napoli scored. Wink I am happy that I woke up to see the score. I do hope that Inter Merda would participate in next season's EL though. They are better than Udinese or Lazio in term of getting more points for Milan. If Inter couldn't get into EL zone, they should just get relegated.
You don't see this too often, a team that is in the top half of table this late into the season

Home: 10-0-3
Away: 0-4-9
I don't really care about Palermo. Big Grin

As long as Juventus keeps drawing, and Inter keeps losing, I won't complain. Grinundwech
FT Parma 1 - 2 Napoli (with huge help from the referee)
FT AS Roma 1 - 2 Lazio (yellows, reds, penalty, controversies, you name it)
FT Fiorentina 2 - 0 Cesena
FT Lecce 2 - 2 Genoa (Lecce got 5 yellows. I hope some of them won't be playing against Milan at San Siro)
FT Siena 3 - 0 Cagliari
FT Udinese 0 - 0 Atalanta (Di Natale 18 goals = Ibrahimovic)
18:30 Bologna ? - ? Novara (Forza Bologna; at least make sure that you have a full squad entering into next Wednesday's delayed game against Ladri)
20:45 Inter Milan ? - ? Catania (LOL, Merda. I don't know what to say)
Roma must be close to record for red cards in one season?