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This was their 8th this season, I believe. I don't know what the record is. It would be nice if someone in the know could post the information.

Somehow I remember that we got red card in five (?) consecutive games in Serie A 98-99. If my memory serves me right, that must be some record too. Big Grin
Lazio has achieved something pretty amazing in Serie A that they have been unable to do since 97-98 season:

1) beat Roma away
2) beat Milan
11 Argentina players on pitch between Inter and Catania.
And 1-0 to Catania hahahaha hope it stays that way , Milan Juve Napoli better for UCL although I hate Ladri more than ever.
2-0 Catania ...2-0 CATANIAAAA!!!!!!!!
It is amazing how many scoring chances Catania could have.

FYI, Catania's second goal was offside though. I am almost feeling sorry for Inter Merda now.
It's an offside epidemic lol.

Forlan made it 1-2 now, Catania goalie did poorly.
Catania's terrible goalkeeping helped Merda end their drought of 9 hours and 3 minutes.
Milito's shot was unstoppable. Inter now equalized. Carrizo should be shot for letting in Forlan's weak shot 9 minutes earlier.

10 minutes to go.
2-2 now, this time the same old problem...all defenders roaming around the center and leaving the wide areas very open.
wow! what a missed chance by Pazzini. phew!!!
Freekick for Inter, their last chance
Full Time. I can take a 2-2. winless for 9 games now for Inter Merda.

Why did we have to lose to such a loser team in the derby? Sad
and imagine if INter Merda didn't have that eight consecutive wins, where would they be right now? Inter5ow