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From the remaining games, who has the more diificult schedule among Napoli, Lazio, and Udinese? I know it's just one Google away but I'm too busy (a.k.a lazy) to do that now Grinundwech
Next round we play away from home against Parma and Juventus is playing away against Fiorentina. It is obvious that Juve were really good when everything was going in their favor, now that "normal" things happen to their team like: tiredness, injuries, suspensions, dip in form, inalienability to break defenses they have totally lost it. I am taking great amount of pleasure from Conte whom I did not like a as football player, even less as a coach. He has totally lost his mind (calling a press silence after two rounds where it was Juventus that was favored from the referees).

He obviously does not know what to do, he does not posses enough experience to lift his team up (smth that Allegri is doing very good). I personally do not see how will Juventus get three points from Firenze. If we give out all against Parma we could secure great advantage ahead of them, and we could concentrate in Champions Leage a bit more( It doesnt matter if we go all the way, only achieving semi - finals means great amount of revenues)

If we win this round we secure the scuddeto. There is no chance that Juve will bounce considering the schedule that they have.

Edit: This all drama that Conte is making is just Mourinho style pre-excuses now that he is seeing that the scudetto is slipping away.
To some extent I agree with you Kastriot. They've had it easy before and those draws seemed innocuous until now. Then he inexplicably favored Vucinic than Matri. But I'm not writing them off yet. I've seen many of their games this season and if a team is a mirror of its coach then it's blatant that Juve is built on Conte's traits: more about grit than technical qualities. Despite their latest draw, they did the woodwork three times therefore it's also a matter of bad luck IMO. I'm sure they'll keep on fighting until the end.

Besides Fiorentina is in their worst moment in years. Their only quality player Jovetic is often out and they traded one misfiring flop (Gila) with another misfiring flop (Amauri). But let's hope that facing their traditional enemy will give Fiorentina some moral boost.
Milan, Juventus and Napoli in CL next year would be the ideal situation for Italy ...
Why ?

Milan is Milan and is going to play CL for sure during the next few seasons because we've reinforced our team in each mercato since Allegri arrived, and we didn't stop taking new players despite the fact we won the Scudetto last year ... Big Grin

Juventus needs a real striker (Vucinic and Matri, their best strikers, wouldn't be in a starting line up of any of the top teams in Europe), if they qualify for CL, which isn't 100% done, they will surely buy this striker they lack. They will be more dangerous in Serie A thanks to this player, but will also lose some forces in the CL battles. Thanks to guys like Buffon, Chiellini and Pirlo, they could be a good surprise for Italy in Europe next season (a bit like Napoli this season).

Napoli has showed so far that their team is done for CL, so for Italy, for this club, for Serie A (because if they don't qualify, I think they will lose some key players who won't remain in Italy), they need to qualify ...

It's the only way I see Italy having 3 teams in CL next season.

About Juventus, and especially Conte, I don't like their behaviour towards the referees when they've been helped a lot by bad calls from these referees ...
(03-12-2012, 10:18 PM)GeoTav Wrote: [ -> ]About Juventus, and especially Conte, I don't like their behaviour towards the referees when they've been helped a lot by bad calls from these referees ...

That is how it works: To constantly build up pressure on them and play on a victim card. As a consequence it will have more favors for Juventus, and less talk about Muntari's goal and other similar situations. They know that without constant help of the referees, they can't win the scudetto. Juventus is a big club, all their media actions are very calculated.
(03-17-2012, 10:20 AM)Jay Crisp Wrote: [ -> ] So true Bravo viola

Quote:The Fiorentina fans have planned a huge choreography before kick-off and many sent out the call to bring wigs to the stadium so they can mock Conte’s hair transplant.

Inter 0:0 Atalanta

Atalanta deserve higher place, they should have won the match Big Grin
useless Inter Merda. Samuel received a yellow and will miss the next game against Jube.


Udinese is leading 1-0 over Napoli at HT. Whoever wins will secure the third spot, and a tie would keep Lazio at the 3rd place. Interesting scenario. Smile
Milan 60
Juventus 56
Lazio 48
Napoli 47
Udinese 47
Roma 41 (they will play Genoa tomorrow)

The fight for the 3rd place is getting heated.