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My dream is to have Milan finishes 1st, while Napoli and Lazio round up the 2nd and 3rd place.
(03-19-2012, 07:18 AM)Gabriel426 Wrote: [ -> ]My dream is to have Milan finishes 1st, while Napoli and Lazio round up the 2nd and 3rd place.

true that. Big Grin my dream is Milan wins year after year, just like 91-96. we only let one slip.
Gabriel, I prefer Milan-Juve-Napoli..simply because I think Juventus will be able to better represent Italy in the CL than Lazio. Plus, if Hernanes leaves Lazio to go a bigger team..they'll be in an even worse position.
don't know where to post this:

Quote:MILAN – 17 players have scored for the Rossoneri so far(Nesta, Thiago Silva, Yepes, Zambrotta, Ambrosini, Aquilani, Nocerino, Seedorf, Ibrahimovic, Boateng, Pato, El Shaarawy, Cassano, Maxi Lopez, Muntari, Emanuelson, Robinho).

Apart from the keepers and players who, for various reasons have been out so far this season (Gattuso, Flamini, Merkel, Valoti and De Sciglio), there are only seven players that have yet to hit the back of the net in the 2011/2012 season.

IGNAZIO ABATE: 2 assist for him: One to Cassano against Parma and the other to Robinho against Cesena.
LUCA ANTONINI: His last goal was against Juventus on 15 May at the San Siro.
DANIELE BONERA: Yet to score in the league with the Rossoneri.
PHILIPPE MEXES: His last league goal was during Genoa 4-3 Roma on 19 February 2011.
DJAMEL MESBAH: His last league goal was in Lecce 1-2 Atalanta on 21 September 2011.
MARK VAN BOMMEL: He’s hit the cross bar twice; lasts season in Milan 3-0 Napoli and this season in Milan 0-1 Inter.
FILIPPO INZAGHI: Milan’s legend man. His last goal was on 18 September 2010 on Milan 1-1 Catania.

I hope that number will hit 20 at the end of season. FORZA MILAN.
Catania fought bravely to draw Napoli from 0:2. They would be a formidable opponent.
I had mixed feeling when I watched the game. On one hand, I hoped that Napoli would not win, this way, Inter Merda would have some slim hope of CL spot and they would fight Jube hard this afternoon; on the other hand, I didn't want Catania to feel too confident in themselves and think they may have a chance with us next week. Looks like they may do that now with this hard-fought outcome. I also hope that today they collected as many cards as possible, but in the end, they only got three yellows, and I don't know if that would mean any suspension for them next week. We already lost Muntari and Mesbah to suspension (I read somewhere, not sure if it is true), so it is not fair. Big Grin
Quote:Ranieri sacked by Inter Milan..."Inter also announce that they have entrusted the team to Andrea Stramaccioni, the coach who won the first edition of the Next Generation Series," continued the statement.
Stramaccioni is sixth coach for Inter in two seasons, or is it fifth? There have been so many that I lost count. Icon_lol2
Fifth I believe

Benitez, Leo, Gasperini, Ranieri, Stramaccioni
thanks. that's the Inter Merda and Moratti that we were used to. Okmilan