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I know we've retired #3 and #6, but I'm not sure if #10 is one of those numbers that can be retired. It has such significance in football that I don't think it's a number that could be retired. Maybe if Del Piero wore #8 or #21 or something..but I don't see them retiring a #10. What some people suggested is to maybe take it out of circulation for a few years out of respect for him.
Napoli retired the number 10 of Maradona. But Maradona's name is much bigger than Del Piero's and Juve is a much more famous brand than Napoli.

And Juve haven't had the precedent for retiring a number (Roma retired Aldair's number 6).
I sometimes wonder if Messi could bring a team like Napoli to success as Maradona did. True, the highest achievements for Maradona with Napoli was only 2 Scudettos and 1 UEFA Cup, but Messi has never scored against any Italian team from an open play either.

And let's not forget Maradona's achievement with Aregentina NT. It was truly an honor to have watched Maradona play, even though it was heartbreaking to see him single-handedly eliminate Brazil and Italy in WC'90. Together with Netherlands, those were my three favorite NT teams back then.
Buffon; Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini; Pepe, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, De Ceglie; Quagliarella, Vucinic
Marchetti; Scaloni, Biava, Diakite, Garrigo; Cana, Ledesma; Gonzalez, Mauri, Candreva; Rocchi

Fxxx Lazio. They don't play Hernanes.
1-0 Juve up...

As expected, Lazio will roll over.
Inter down 0-1, Samuel out for Nagatomo

Why Juve & Inter can't be in shit at the same time???
Milito scored, and Mauri too now ...
Oh yeah, Inter equalized & Juven conceded

Lazio are getting pounded, but it's 1-1 thanks to Mauri, Antonini's look-alike.

I'm afraid Lazio will need to score another as Juventus has all the chances!
At least second place is pretty much a guarantee lol. Napoli, Udinese lose again