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Jube finally lost. 0-2 in the Coppa final. Perfect season my ass.

I am glad that I changed my mind. I wasn't planning to watch it at first. Too much bad experience this past season.
we beat them in semis too.
I know, but at least this one is stone cold, and there is no way that they could claim that they are still unbeaten.
We will have a new stadium in 2015?
From my understanding, San Siro may (not sure) host the CL final in 2015. For this Berlusconi wants a restoration project done (i.e. modern facilities) at the stadium in its restoration/rejuvenation work. Ideally, as part of the proposal it would be nice if we can hope to gain some sort of ownership of the stadium.
Italian PM suggests Serie A suspension
By Football Italia staff

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has suggested that Serie A should be suspended for two to three years, in reaction to the latest match-fixing scandal.

Several players were arrested on Monday as part of police raids across the country and homes and offices searched as the investigations into a betting probe in the peninsula accelerates.

When asked his opinion on the scandal that has hit Italy’s Euro 2012 preparations, Monti offered a drastic solution.

“It's particularly sad when a world which should be an expression of the highest values - sport, youth, competition, fairness turns out to be a mass of foul play, falsehood and demagoguery,” the 69-year-old told reporters on a trip to Poland, one of the co-hosts for this summer’s UEFA tournament.

“I’m not making a proposal, much less one that comes from government, but it is a desire that sometimes - even though I was very passionate about football so many years ago - I feel inside me - if it would help, then for two or three years it might be an idea to have a total suspension of the game.”
Talk about an idiotic suggestion. Not only would he be punishing the innocent, causing clubs to be killed off and pretty much killing Italian football abroad and domestically, the result of this would be devastating to the Italian economy, which gets massive amounts in taxes from calcio, but also Italy's economy would suffer horrendously given Italian football's appeal overseas and the number of fans who make trips to Italy for football.

Honestly, I've seen some stupid ideas in my time of following Italian football, but this is up there amongst the top. Another is Juve requesting the Supercoppa be played in Turin because it conflicts with their US tour if played in China.
Buffon could be investigated as he has paid 1.5m over a 9 month period to a betting shop owner.
This will hurt the Serie A again, badly!! And it was already in bad shape...
(06-01-2012, 09:19 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Buffon could be investigated as he has paid 1.5m over a 9 month period to a betting shop owner.

I like Buffon a lot for his good personality, and really hoping to get him back in 2006. He (as well as Ibrahimovic, the other target in the summer of 2006) could have helped us win more CL trophies if Galliani could pulled that deal off. I believe that it was once very close to completion, but we let that chance slip somehow.