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I didn't watch the game (and won't try to depress myself by watching the 2nd half either), but from what I read, the penalty was ok, but the red was way harsh. 10-man Udinese with two goals down against Jube who actually has Isla and Asamoah. This is getting so much sweeter. Rolleyes
udine is really2 poor
they should assemble their squad from zero again
the current state of udine is not worthy in serie a
That is disgusting. Udinese always roll over for Jube, but still that scoreline was outrageous.
(09-02-2012, 05:50 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-02-2012, 05:30 PM)Siregar Wrote: [ -> ]How about number of substitutes? I search for the substitutes for Milan in the last two games and we had more than 7 players. Is there any change regarding the number of substitutes in one Serie A game?

Serie A bench now has 12 players, but the number of substitute is still limited to 3.

Anyway, vaffanculo rubentus, those cheating bastards are in action again tonight, damn.

Thank you, that is what I mean.
It is nice to see Inter Merda getting their ass kicked. Totti at such an old age could still walk into our squad and take over that #10. If only we got him 20 years ago. I believe that we were very close.

Sampdoria has now two wins after two rounds. The other three teams with perfect records are Jube, Napoli, and Lazio. Udinese, Palermo, Pescara, and Bologna have two losses.

Also, San Siro has not witnessed any home team victory yet in the new season.

Milan lost to Sampdoria in Serie A; Inter Merda lost to Roma in Serie A. Also, in Europa League, Inter Merda recorded one loss and one draw from two home games.

On the contrary, two teams have 100% victory record when they played away. What the heck. Facepalm
Merda fans were quickly brought back to realize their team still could be struggling (despite the 0-3 win in first game), while we, on the other hands, were given glimpse of hope that we could do well. Smile

Having said that, 2 games are way still too early to judge.. Devilcool
The only difference between the two teams is that Merda won first then lost; while we lost first then won. Psychologically ours is better, but point-wise, it is all the same. :d
this is both funny and sad...the italian under 21's lost 4-2 at home to a 9-man ireland team Facepalm
It is certainly funny, and if you are Irish or if you don't give a damn to how Italy NT is doing, this is not sad at all. :d
Inter Milan drew again in opening EL group match today at San Siro. The curse still continues. Icon_lol2

One thing that concerns me though: Milan just played Anderlecht at San Siro two days ago at SS, and Inter played today on the same pitch? WTF?