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The curse still continues after Inter lost 0-2 to Siena. A new record has now been set by the way, 8 games without a win at San Zero (obviously that's the new name now Icon_lol2).

Hopefully we can put a stop to it after Wednesday.
Perhaps the Milan clubs are so used to playing on potato field of old that they need time to adapt to this hybrid pitch.
(09-24-2012, 09:41 AM)Nalx Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps the Milan clubs are so used to playing on potato field of old that they need time to adapt to this hybrid pitch.

that thought also crossed my mind too, believe it or not. LOL.
Rubentus scored three past Roma before twenty minutes passed. My first reaction was: is this some kind of joke? Facepalm

It looks more and more shameful to have let Pirlo go so easily. Amazing. Facepalm
Inter Merda won their first home game too against Fiorentina, and already climbed back to 3rd on the table. Confused Cassano kept scoring. The satisfaction I had after Pazzini's hattrick is officially all gone by now. Facepalm
I'm not too worried about Inter, quite honestly I always felt they were ahead of us in building their side this season. Don't forget they still have some senior players who are reliable like Sneijder, Milito, Zanetti and Cambiasso.
I am most worried about Jube stealing our record of undefeated. It is actually becoming more and more of a reality. My hope is that Jube don't win CL and don't break our record. they could go far in CL, or maybe like our 04-05 campaign, losing everything at the end. That's not a lot to ask, is it? Sad

Of course, I also hope that we do well, but I am not crazy to believe that we could really well, so a top-3 spot would be it.
How many more undefeated games do they have to get to surpass our record?
they are at 44? I am not 100% sure. but if that's correct, 14 to tie the record, 15 to break it. which means if they completes the first round undefeated they are pretty much there.

the only serious threat I see is Napoli, but I don't know if they play home or away.
Juventus is so damn lucky. They should have lost the game against Fiorentina, and today's CL home game against Shakhtar Donetsk. Angry

I hope that they collapse soon.