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I would like to say that all the refereeing errors were just coincidental, but it is really disturbing to see that Juventus got all the favor. I would be extremely upset if they would steal our record of 58 unbeaten games, and it looks quite certain that the LADRI will get their way. Angry
We had a goal thank to refereeing error last weekend (Pippo Abate Big Grin), so I am not very angry Devilcool
Well, we were denied a penalty (or even two?) too. Usually when errors occur, they should all even out as one day you get favorable calls and another day you get screwed. But last season and this season, what Jube had got was simply disturbing. They never seemed to get any "bad" calls against them. Really coincidentally? I honestly don't know.

That denied goal by Muntari (yes, I know I sound like a broken record) would have been worth a scudetto. Angry Now that he is back, I hope that he could help pull us back up. A good midfielder can get so much done. I am hopeful. Heart
Ladri and Merda just won't lose. Amazing. News like Merda came back from behind or Ladri once again scored a winning goal at 90th minute after Bologna had a goal disallowed really bugged me greatly.

I believe that they will play each other this coming weekend. I think I am going to root for Merda this time to beat Ladri, even though I doubt I will watch.

I have decided that this season it has been depressing enough watching Milan play (it is however a fan's duty to watch them even they are just crap), I am not going to torture myself further by watching Ladri or Merda play. Heck, I should try to find something else to keep myself busy when they play each other; otherwise, I know that I will be tempted to check the scoreline and follow the game if I have free time at hand.

Milito scored from the spot, and it is 60th minute and it is 1-1. I don't know which team to cheer for; well, I actually know - neither.
Interesting penalty decision by the way. Maybe Jube delayed their payment and the referee was mad. Big Grin
Cassano off for Guarin.

So many (faked?) injuries.
Milito scored again. 1-2.
Milito off, Mudingayi on.
Palacio scored, 1-3.
six minutes added.
Game over. Jube lost. Smile
I am happy that I changed my mind and watched the second half.
Didn't really care who won out of Juve and Inter, but at least now our unbeaten record will remain (Juve needed nine more to reach us).
Jube don't even deserve the 49 they have now as their record; it would be a huge disgrace if they surpassed our 58.
(11-03-2012, 10:45 PM)ACM2012 Wrote: [ -> ]Jube don't even deserve the 49 they have now as their record; it would be a huge disgrace if they surpassed our 58.

Indeed - not to mention achieving a 50+ unbeaten run in the early 90's Serie A is a h*ll of a lot more impressive than doing so in the 2012 version. Wouldn't care to hear Conte's Juve compared to Capello's Milan side.
Hats off to Inter, although that doesn't mean I have any more respect for them than I did before. Quite honestly, I didn't think they would win, so to pull it off is to their credit, even if Juve showed signs of weakness of late. I wouldn't be surprised if Inter go top of the league by December.

About Juve's unbeaten record, I don't think there's anything to say. They're a good side that has managed to get results, but quite honestly, I think ultimately it's not comparable to Capello's Milan. Firstly, Juve are playing during a time when there's little to no competition in Serie A and while they play some very good football, it's not like they're on the level of the best in the world. Finally, results have often gone their way controversially, most notably the ghost goal from last season and the recent Catania match.
We finally have half of Jube's points (14 vs. 28). LOL. But merda also just became a real (very real) threat. Imagine if we beat them in the derby (and we should have deserved the victory), we would be level on points. How things have changed. Let's now all hope for better.