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Napoli lost to Bologna twice in a row in 4 days both at Sao Paolo Stadium (Sunday, Serie A, 2-3; Wednesday, Coppa, 1-2). I wouldn't mind if they start to fall apart now. Icon_lol2
Oh, did I mention that Chiellini was injured and may be out for a while? I don't want to jinx it now, but I am hoping for a lengthy recovery (please let it be at least a month or two). :d Icon_lol2
Juve are looking for Chiellini replacements, so the injury must be serious.
This happens one day after they released Lucio for free. LOL.
tbh, Lucio wouldn't be able to replace Chiellini, he's not been reliable at all for Juve.
No, but still it is funny; and I hope that Juventus won't get anyone with quality better than Lucio. We need them to drop some serious points.

I am still confused. Shouldn't Barzagli start flopping already? Isn't Bonucci just Juventus' Bonera? How come they have such a solid defense. That makes me mad. I hope Chiellini's injury would be the catalyst needed there for Juventus' collapse. :d
Cagliari lost at "home" to Juventus with two goals conceded after 90'. Totally ruined my yesterday. Angry

Quote:Goals from Alessandro Matri and Mirko Vucinic were enough for Antonio Conte's side, but the Isolani owner was more concerned with the fact that his team had to play the match at Stadio Ennio Tardini in Parma due to safety regulations at their own ground.

“I am puzzled by their attitude,” he told reporters. “I have been puzzled before the game, during the game and now after the game.

“Whenever they have asked for something, we have accepted – but this time they have refused to meet us.

“I have done everything possible to build a new stadium in accordance with regulations and there are never any problems with Napoli, Bologna.

“We had 48 hours to arrange a trip to Parma, which is just around the corner for them.

“Juve have won today with poor sportsmanship – the facts speak for themselves and I am disgusted.

“I thought football in this country had changed, but it seems that a leopard never changes its spots.”


Inter Merda 0-0 Genoa at 60'. Not going to get my hope up though.

EDIT: 1-1 FT. Big Grin Inter Merda had a laughable miss right before the game was over (and did scare the crap out of me at that very moment). Livaja hit the post a yard away from the goal. Big Grin


The rest of today's schedule:

14:00 Atalanta ? - ? Udinese
14:00 Bologna ? - ? Parma
14:00 Palermo ? - ? Fiorentina
14:00 Sampdoria ? - ? Lazio
14:00 Siena ? - ? SSC Napoli
14:00 Torino ? - ? Chievo
19:45 Roma ? - ? AC Milan
Inter Merda losing two points turned out to be the only positive result. Lazio won; Fiorentina won; Napoli scored two goals in the last five minutes.

We will now have to win against Roma; or we will fall behind even more. Facepalm
Horrow show in Lazio vs. Cagliari. Angry Cagliari led 1-0 through a great Sau strike and their GK Agazzi was simply amazing. Lazio finally equalized at 79', then the referee awarded Lazio a really soft PK. As if it was not enough, he sent off two Cagliari players and Conti also received a yellow, all for protesting. The game ended 2-1.

The current rules and regulations in football encourage bad officiating. You always see a bad call, followed by furious protest, further followed by cards. That was exactly what happened today. It doesn't rain but pour. Cagliari was screwed by the PK decision, and all of sudden they found themselves behind on both scoreline and man count. What a way to add insult to injury.

Fuck Nazio. Angry
I really don't know what to wish for this afternoon's Napoli-Roma match. I suppose a draw would be the best.

I will watch it anyway even just to kill some time. After all, any day that Milan wins is a good day for me. :d