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Inter 0-1 Genoa (HT)

If Genoa can at least get the draw in this game (but they have deserved the win so far), it would be perfect !!

So forza Genoa for this one !!

EDIT: Fùck !! 2-1 for Inter after 5 minutes in the second half, that is horrible !!
3-1 ... bah
4-1. Genoa's defense and Eduardo are terrible.
Fucking typical, isn't it? Whenever a team is doing well against Inter, they suddenly become paralyzed with fear as the twats start fighting back. What a disgrace. Still, we're five points ahead, and there's no way in hell they will win 19 out of 21 games after the winter break.
Btw, statistically, winning by a large margin tends to indicate that a team will drop points in the next game. Forza Brescia!
Genoa scores a last minute useless goal. FT: 5-2.
I didn't watch Inter-Genoa game, as I was watching Liverpool-Manchester United. When I checked the scoreline at the HT, I got excited at 0-1. When I checked again about 20 minutes, it was already 4-1. What a fucking joke that it! Angry

Oh well, it is not totally unexpected anyway. Undecided
Second half was so bad they were bought <--- starting a rumour Big Grin
(03-06-2011, 05:08 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Second half was so bad they were bought <--- starting a rumour Big Grin

check tomorrow's or you never know. Wink
Serie A takes one more step back...
ahahha... watched Inter - Brescia = pure happiness Big Grin