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agreed. and after he went to Inter and bad-mouthed Milan afterwards, we could no longer keep him shut.

I am happy that he is with Inter now. Smile
We used to have the worst defense in top 6, now we are 3rd best, and the attack is 2nd best.

Nice progress.
Catania is leading 2-0 against Inter Merda at the half time. Fiorentina 1-1 Chievo so far.

This has the potential to be another great weekend. Keep it up. Smile
Catania 2-3 Inter
Fiorentina 2-1 Chievo

those stupid sons of bitches. Angry

The Catania game was really maddening. It was almost as if they were sleep-walking the second half. The third goal was an absolute gift.

Credt to Inter. They are a pretty average team, but Stramaccioni makes them fight tooth and nail.
I am actually not surprised at the Inter result and come back. It is also a good reminder for us to not take recent positives for granted, losses here and there we can fall back as far as 8th or 9th.
At least now we are at the 3rd spot alone, so we do firmly control our own fate. Who would have thought of this at the beginning of the season. Proud
Yeah. And Inter will meet Tottenham in 4 days, so this is a morale boost for them, though Bale might kill them again Big Grin
It is ok. Let them do well in EL until the final or semi-final. :d
We are catching a few breaks recently.

In the Roma - Genoa game now Kucka got a red card