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a silly red card may I add.
Milan: From relegation to Champion League Grinundwech

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8 games only 7 points? Wow! Big Grin
Siena with 6-point penalty, which means that they had 8 points instead, higher than Milan. We could have been 19th after 8 rounds! Big Grin
Yes, Xudong. I still remember that time. Many fans if not almost all Milan fans want Allegri's leaving from Milan bench. It was really hard to support Allegri knowing the facts we were building the foundation of the next winning team from zero. I almost lose my support if he did not finally deliver good result.

It is better to suffer at the beginning achieving best result at the end compared very strong in first half of season but lost the winning games soon in the rest of the season. Of course it would be better if we won both at the beginning and at the end. Big Grin
I felt that he should leave because I was afraid that he lost the control of the locker room. I also made it clear that I didn't know who would be better than Allegri, but if that (control of locker room) was true, then he had better leave as any change is better than no change. I guess it is now (retroactively) clear that he didn't. Smile
tbh, I think it's fair people had doubts about Allegri earlier this season. I think I was one who defended him more during the period we struggled, but I would be lying if even I didn't have my doubts after certain matches.

I'm glad that we stuck with him and it's showing results now, if nothing else it justifies that I wasn't just posting nonsense Big Grin
I was one that was iffy about the whole situation. I wanted him gone if the results continued, but didn't know who would be better. I remember at one point I said that if we lost points in the next couple of games (one of them was a CL tie and the other one was against Napoli I think) then he should go. I thought that a breath of fresh air by someone new was going to do the trick.
I was also concerned about the locker room stuff as some stuff was getting out in public and that's never a good thing.

I am also convinced that the management considered firing him even though they said that they always had faith in him. I trully think that at one point we were so low in morale (and points) that if we had lost a couple of games then, he was going to be gone. I am so happy that it turned out differently though. I never blamed Allegri himself though. I thought that he was thrown into an unfortunate situation by the management and I wasn't sure if he had what it takes to come out of it.

In any case, I'm glad that I was wrong and I'm happy that we kept him. I have found a whole new respect for the man and he's really turned it around.
This year's coefficient ranking:

Spain- 15.571
Germany- 15.071
Italy- 13.416
England- 13.285
France- 11.416
Portugal- 10.083

If Lazio negotiate their way past Stuttgart in the second leg with a win, that would mean more points gained at the direct expense of a German club. Lazio have done Italy a huge favour in this regard with Borussia M. as well. Che bello!

One of Benfica and Bordeaux will be eliminated this round as well, so Italy will put more distance between itself and their close pursuers, Fra and Por.

A great scenario would be for Lazio (God willing they make it) to draw Benfica and beat them next round because Portugal are breathing down Italy's neck. In the CL, it would be awesome for Juve to get PSG and beat them and for Milan (God willing, we make it) to get Schalke and defeat them.

So as it stands now - do we have 4 CL spots for next season?