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Saw this on R&B (credit: Paguma Larvata)

[Image: 882305_523187821057329_128773501_o.jpg]
Thanks xudong!

More details on Udinese's stadium deal:

Napoli had a crazy game today, scoring 3 goals in the last 10 minutes and beating Torino 5-3. Dzemaili who had never even scored a brace managed to score a hat-trick, much like Boateng against Lecce.

The following two matches (Fiorentina, Napoli) are now going to be extremely important for Milan for the 3rd spot and 2nd spot, respectively.
14 Injuries for Inter, including Zannetti today vs Palermo..... this sucks Big Grin
Napoli won, Fiorentina won, Juventus won, not good; not good at all. Just like last week. Undecided
Well we can't expect Sampdoria, who are pretty much going to stay in Serie A, to play with the intensity of even Siena. I expect more from Siena against Fio.

At this stage of the season, it's all about what remains to be played for, and Siena have survival at stake, and Roma, Europe. Hopefully, Roma can trip up Fio next week.
Fiorentina 0-1 Roma (Osvaldo, 92')

If we win tomorrow, we will be leading by 4 points. Smile
A win tomorrow will seal us the third place for sure. Tomorrow is our biggesst game of the season, we need to win it!!! Forza Milan!!!
Not many here seem to care that Juventus has just won their 29th Scudetto. Icon_lol2
[Image: U4692P6T12D6553549F44DT20130505235519.jpg]
Cograts to Juve, thez were the best team and deserved to be crowned champions. If if wasnt for Conte and Pirlo I would be even glad for them.