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(09-26-2013, 10:57 PM)GeoTav Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-26-2013, 09:55 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]A team that includes the likes of Ranocchia and Juan on defense having allowed 2 goals while we have allowed 10 is yet one more indication where we have fallen. Inter might still implode before the end of the season but still ...

Sorry but I rate Ranocchia higher than any of our central defenders. He was just coached by a bad coach.
Juan was incredibly bad last season, but if I'm correct, he's a young player, he used to be a promising defender before last season, and if he plays better, that maybe has to do with the coach too.

Furthermore, maybe the whole team defends better under Mazzari than with Stramacocky !!

I think we need new ideas, a new coach who knows how to use the players in some tactics. And like Allegri won't leave now, I hope he will manage to do at least a bit better !!

This is not the Paolo Inzaghi thread Devilol

Stramacocky may be terrible, but we have Allegri who has not even won one single game against him. Sad
50th minute Inter 0-3 Roma

Okay, Inter are Inter but what about Roma?

I've got to say that I've not seen much of Roma this season (actually only a little of the Rome derby and that wasn't with any focus), but the statistics are scarily good. Played 7, won 7, 20 goals scored and just 1 conceded. Seriously, I actually envy what they've built over the last couple of seasons, as I was impressed by the squad last year, but this they seem to be better than anyone in Serie A, Napoli and Juve included until now.
Napoli 4-0 Livorno. Inter 0-3 Roma.

I believe that Roma will play Napoli next week. What a game that will be.
so now it is official that erick thohir has taken over inter
should we be worried by this???
i know for sure that thohir wont spend big and crazy like psg city chelsea and monaco
It'll be interesting to see how things change at Inter, but I'm not worried. It's the first time Inter haven't been owned by a Moratti since I started watching football.
If I understand the deal correctly, Moratti gives up the majority but still remains in the board. I expect him to stay quite active in Inter.

Why can't Berlusconi do the same? O
Moratti could remain President at Inter, but I think ultimately his role will be in title and as an advisory role, rather than the active involvement he's had until now.

As for Berlusconi doing the same, I don't mind what approach he takes as long as it benefits Milan. Mostly, the only thing I want is if the Berlusconi family is to continue in charge of Milan, then I want him to take a step back and let others come forward (i.e. Barbara). I think at his age (approaching 80?) and with his other problems, Berlusconi himself knows he can't actively remain in charge of Milan.

This was alluded to in the podcast I posted a link to in another thread yesterday.
I don't think Berlu will sell the majority anytime soon because as much as he loves Milan, he loves the spotlight even more. As for the succession we've seen his children being promoted to board of directors with Marina Berlusconi being the latest but nobody seems to be as shrewd as the old man. And since they don't have enough money to compete with other big clubs, the only option left is to sell the club. Pretty much like what AS Roma owner Rosella Sensi, daughter of the late Franco Sensi, did few years back.