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Italy and the Champions League...enjoy and please leave comments under the article if you wish.
Napoli-Inter 3-2 at halftime. Tune in if you're not already watching!
Juventus has won 8 games in a row without conceding one single goal. Wow.

Of course, those were Serie A games only, if you know what I mean. :d
Juve 3-0 Roma

Roma two red cards too

I didn't watch the game (I had time, but was just not interested to watch those scums playing), but I heard that Juventus adopted a very effective counterattack approach. Roma's two red cards were correct calls too, though the referee went quite easy on Juve players.

Also, Sky Italia reports Vucinic asked regular pen taker Vidal if he could take it as a "pick me up" since he's had a rough season. Icon_lol2
I saw most of the match, literally switching off just before the red cards and third goal. Truth is Juve deserved the win, as Roma were unable to break through the deep defence and only kind of troubled Buffon with a few long shots (no real clear chances).

Juve when moving forward always looked a threat, although really the goals came from inept defending on set pieces (I wonder why that sounds so familiar? Big Grin ).

All that said, I never really thought it was a great game. It was ok, but didn't feel like the top 2 in a title decider.

Finally, just want to say Pogba impresses me more everytime I see him, the guy's a beast in midfield. I would say I envy we didn't get him, but he'd never play with us and be shipped out on co-ownership.
I also read that Napoli was lucky to have beaten Sampdora 2-0. Sampdoria hit the bar three times as reports say.
Di Natale said he will retire at the end of the season; his coach Francesco Guidolin seemed to have no idea that it was happening. :d

I really hate Udinese, but Di Natale is a great attacker. Okmilan
Farewell to Di Natale in the summer. I've never completely understood him mind, how he was so incredible at Udinese for the last 5 years, but never made noise before.
This guy always finds a way to score against Milan, and will simply bend over for Juventus. I can be a little biased of course.

But at least he turned down a move to Juventus two summers ago, so for that, he has my respect. Okmilan