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LOL, this tops Galliani's excuse for not signing Cissokho
Lafferty? Suarez would be an angel compared to him. Angel

Conte just resigned as Juventus head coach.
Surprised to see it happen. I don't see a better job for him being available. In my opinion, all obvious other jobs including Italy NT, are high risk reputation wise.
I think he will take the NT job. It seems natural.
Its obvious that Conte is leaving as a result of the now probable sale of Vidal and Pogba in addition to Pirlo being 36 and not able to keep up. That is three of their best players and I would guess that Conte simple is going after the Itally job now that Juve have shown lack of ambition. As it stands, Roma is now the favorite for the title too.

Edit: Carlo Garganese agrees with me
But any Juve lack of ambition is what compared to the NT job? I understand the prestige of being in charge of Italy NT but it is not exactly full of potential greats with huge chances in 2016/18.
Big Grin

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Please let it be Moyes. Devil dance
(07-16-2014, 12:09 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Please let it be Moyes. Devil dance

Don't be greedy. Moyes had had his historical achievement taking the reigning champions to their worst season in EPL era. Allegri to Juve could be the best news for us this mercato season. Dai, dai, daaaiii!!!