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Allegri's currently favourite.

It's a strange situation between Conte and Juve's directors, but it just seems both have different ambitions. Conte wants to challenge in CL and to do that he wants proven stars who can help the club make a step up at the highest level, while I get the impression Juve's management want to build from selling the odd star. I don't like Conte, but given what's happening, such as the club selling Pogba or Vidal and failing to buy Sanchez and seemingly Iturbe, it's not hard to understand his frustrations.

I've also praised the way Juve have rebuilt in recent years and they've now reached some crossroads where they need to decide how they build to make the next step to challenge in Europe. At this point, it's not difficult to have some questions on their methods.

Allegri has been appointed as Juve new coach. He just signed a two-year contract with annual salary of €2m. Half a million less than what our management in their infinite wisdom thought was appropriate for rookie like Seedorf.
(07-16-2014, 12:43 PM)Nalx Wrote: [ -> ]Allegri has been appointed as Juve new coach. He just signed a two-year contract with annual salary of €2m. Half a million less than what our management in their infinite wisdom thought was appropriate for rookie like Seedorf.

I got a feeling that he'll be successful. And then the people will know that the problem isn't in Allegri, but just that our management sucks.
Juve fans have reacted in anger to Allegri's appointment. I found it particularly amusing that Kris Voakes on decided to throw away any unbiased integrity he had to write damning articles on Allegri.

If Allegri goes into this job as he did the first year at Milan, then Juve will do well, but if he still has the air of arrogance that was more evident in the subsequent years at Milan, it'll be a struggle. Also, for all his issues at Milan, at Juve he won't have the same management issues or lack of resources to deal with, making his job a lot easier.
I don't think Allegri was a bad coach. As a matter of fact, I always thought that he was good. He suffered from what many coaches suffer from though.....he failed to control his surroundings after getting comfortable in them and comfortable with the players. He failed to change his mind on certain decisions even after they were not working. He stuck with certain players even after they clearly kept underperforming. He kind of lost the group and was unable to motivate them anymore. It was time for him to go and I'm not sorry for that as I was one of the people asking for him to be fired....and if he does well with Juventus I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Like you guys have said, he also has good resources at Juve and that will be huge help for him. The one difference between him and Conte is intensity. Conte got the most out of that group through intensity. He made them fight on the field. I'm not sure that Allegri can do that as he has a different approach....but he still has quality individuals at his disposal.

One thing is for sure though.....Juve is back to a starting point due to this change. Conte had progression in his work. The players already knew his methods, expectations in terms of tactics/movements/intensity/etc. Now it's a new start and possibly a completely different direction in terms of tactics with Allegri. It'll take this is definitely good news for the competition, including Milan.
Pirlo left Milan to escape Allegri went back to find him Icon_lol2
Allegri is a fine tactician but not good at man managing. He enjoyed a team with a lot of respected seniors in first 2 years with Milan. I'm not sure if Juve locker room now is like-that good.
He needs to make sure he creates good relationships with key players in the dressing room. I think it'll be interesting to see his dressing room management though, although again it's easier at Juve than at Milan, mostly because at Milan he had to work with ill-disciplined players and no leaders. At Juve, he's got some top players who know what it means to win.

In other Juve news, Chelsea could bid 75m for Pogba!
If true, that is absolutely crazy. There's no way that normal teams can compete in a market with valuations which are so crazy.
If true, Chelsea will have a scary team, considering that they just bought Costa, Felipe, Fabregas. Only Mourinho and UEFA can stop them then. :d