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Full Version: AC Milan Vs Palermo [15 Oct, 2011]
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i know there is still some time for the match but where can we find some update about the injuries?
Abate, Pato, Robinho, Mexes???
(10-08-2011, 06:30 AM)LebRN Wrote: [ -> ]i know there is still some time for the match but where can we find some update about the injuries?
Abate, Pato, Robinho, Mexes???

Mexes and Robinho should be fit enough to play, but I don't know if Mexes will be used as he comes from a very long injury ...

Pato is expected to be back for our next CL game.

I don't know anything about the injury of Abate.

But our injury crisis keeps going on: Thiago Silva got an injury during his NT game and Boateng got an injury during a friendly game against our Primavera if I'm not wrong. I don't know if they are big injuries or not, but it's still new problems ...
That's totally ridiculous. How is it physically possible for the entire team to get injured every time they touch grass?

Pato gets injured without touching the ball or another player, and Ibra & Boateng has been injured a lot lately. Some of the older players can be injured more often I guess, but it's totally mind-boggling to me. I've played sports, including football, and I understand knocks from players hitting you which makes it painful to run (usually lasts days to 2 weeks), but to pull muscles is unacceptable. This is professional sports, you must stretch and massage properly before and after games, and MilanLab/Trainers should be taking care of this better.

Another issue, perhaps the greater issue, is the fact there are TOO many games. 2 games per week or more, week after week, 9-10 months per season, with International Games & Tournaments, Training, etc. seems a lot. They must make sure squads are big enough, and players rest, so we have the highest quality on the field.

You want to make all of the leagues & teams more competitive, larger, and more quality? Maybe less injuries too....
16 or 18 teams per Country.
Game 6 vs Palermo and it's a must win.Not the start I had thought of.
thx Geo...i hope we get everybody back asap because we cannot afford to lose any more ground...even if i'm not so sure Juve & Napoli could be as consistent as they should....but it sure won't be good for our morale not to win again...

As of the 6th of October, Robinho was training by himself still, while Mexes was training with the team....
Latest news from today, Ibra, Binho, Zambro, Mexes and Prince all trained with the squad. Light training though.
Yepes, Antonini, Gattuso, Ambrosini, Seedorf and Abate worked out in the gym, as did Pato who was there in the morning.

Tomorrow's session is the first real litmus test to see who's fit and who isn't for this Saturday.
there are still several days to go. fitness test can be conducted up to few hours before the match. i'm confident that robinho will be fit to play, at least from bench.
If I was in charge of Milan, as soon as Robinho got fit this would be my formation:


--------------Van Bommel--------------

The Diamond Midfield is failing because when you have all old midfielders who are not pressing, you become predictable and lack creativity.

Cassano is in form, so he cannot sit. Pato is failing right now so he must sit, and he would be first to sub in for Ibra or Cassano. Robinho will be the fixture because if need be he can drop back and play as ACM if needed. He is the only one who can do that.

We could even do a 3-4-3 like others have mentioned, but that's not very likely to happen so this is what I recommend. It would be similar to the very dynamic Napoli attack.

Ibra/Cavani, Robinho/Hamsik, Cassano/Lavezzi.

We must try something different. IF our management will not buy better midfielders, then we must simply use more attackers.

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