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Full Version: Milan vs. Sampdoria 2/18/18
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Gattuso is making a naysayer like me look like a complete n00b.
And I'm loving it Cool
You know you've put in a good performance when Giampaolo and Prade come out post match and simply admit tonight's win was because we were just better. 

Also love Gattuso's comment for the players.

"I will be their nightmare till the end of the season" Big Grin
I still can't believe we played with so much energy and intensity just two days after playing in the Europa League. Credit goes to Gattuso for that, we all know what would have happened if Montella was still here.
Monto looks too tired to care Big Grin
Lol, saw that last night. Love the way Gattuso is with the players
[Image: CourteousValidBluebreastedkookaburra-max-1mb.gif]

Big Grin
That puts such a smile on my face.
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