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Full Version: Milan vs. Sampdoria 2/18/18
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Good first half display, we need to continue as we started in the second half. Aim to get the second and pretty much kill the tie. That said, we shouldn't be reckless, as taking needless chances in this position is stupid. I also believe Sampdoria have the worst record of conceding in the final 15 minutes of the match, so patience can hopefully see rewards.
Very decent first half. We deserve the lead, maybe a little more too. But Sampdoria is a quality side with strong attackers and midfielders, so we cannot afford any lapse of concentration.

We need a second goal for assurance.
Wonderful game so far. Great tempo and sharpness to our play. We have barely risked anything in the back and we are dropping deep when necessary in order to contain Samp. Gotta say, we have completely outplayed them and should be at least 2-0 up.

Great job by Gattuso in preparing this game, as you can see that the diagonal switches between Suso and Hakan/Rodriguez are something that we are doing in this game because of the narrow shape of Samp's midfield. Clearly, we will always double up on their fullbacks if we hit a long switch as their LCM/RCM will not be able to get out of that diamond quick enough to provide the support.

On the penalty.....a personal opinion....I HATE when players take that stutter step as if they are looking which way the GK will go. Sure, if the GK goes to a side early, it's an advantage to take that stutter step. But if they hold their position until the very end, you are at a big disadvantage as you gotta make up your mind on which way to shoot very quickly and position your kicking and non-kicking foot. This is why all players that take that stutter step end up hitting a pretty shit PK at the end.....and it's just a matter of whether the GK went the opposite way. If the GK didn't go the opposite way, more often then not these PKs are a miss because they lack the power/accuracy to beat a keeper that's diving to that side.

I hope we keep this up. We need another goal...but my god...this is actually a very fun game to watch. It's been a while since we've been this sharp and clean on the ball.
A few concerns:
1. We played a midweek game a few days ago, so I hope that fatigue will not become a factor.
2. Our two fullbacks goofed up from time to time.
3. Zapata seems really strong in the air.
Total distance covered in the first half for Milan was around 53 km. If we cover that same distance in the second half it equals the average for the two least mobile teams in Premier League, Crystal Palace and Manchester United, at 106 km per match.
The second half is about to start, and then my stream died. Angry
(02-18-2018, 09:04 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ] pretty decent

Thank you, Reza. Big Grin
It's been delayed as the linesman's flag has had issues Big Grin

Edit: Now Gattuso is trying to fix it Devilol
Lol this is great
(02-18-2018, 09:52 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]It's been delayed as the linesman's flag has had issues Big Grin

Edit: Now Gattuso is trying to fix it Devilol

I didn't see that because I was trying to fix my own stream issue. Icon_lol2
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