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Full Version: Milan vs. Sampdoria 2/18/18
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Suso's shot with right foot was horrendous.

We are still comfortably controlling the game, but one goal advantage isn't making me feel easy.
Locatelli in for the last few minutes. Came for Montolivo
Make us proud....
We need Borini to score that 90' minute goal to seal the victory! Big Grin
Great save on a Calabria shot.
lol, what was that from Bonucci
Serie A refs are horrible, Hakan barely touches the guy's calf he gives a FK, two minutes later the guy's elbow is in Hakan's face, he only reacts after Hakan is on ground 10 seconds
Very impressed with Silva tonight, so much more composed than previously.
Lol Bonucci
That was too close
Geez, too close a call with Caprari there.
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