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Full Version: Milan vs. Sampdoria 2/18/18
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(02-16-2018, 10:40 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]2-2

You are wrong my man
This is going to be a fun game. Sampdoria aren't an easy team to beat. But we will win.
Cutrone will score and we will win.  Devilcool
(02-17-2018, 07:13 AM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]Cutrone will score and we will win.  Devilcool

Let me second this  Devilcool
Don't care about who scores, just want the win.

I think this will be a big chance for Locatelli. If rumours are right, he's most likely to replace Kessie in midfield and I think he needs to really go all out to carve his space. His recent performances have been relatively timid, you can see the technical quality isn't lacking, but he's not demanding the ball and looking to go 100 mph to convince Gattuso to use him more. A bit like Silva (who's in a tougher situation), he needs to play without fear or hesitation.

? #Gattuso: "We are taking it easy on #Cutrone. He must not get distracted by the fact that he is the youngest player in #ACMilan's history to score that many goals. He has to work and to rest. I hope he finds a beautiful girlfriend so he can rest and make love"
He said that? He is a true latin type coach Big Grin

I love it
Unfortunately ,Roma won in Udine. It seems they're going back on track right before our game.
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