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Full Version: AC Milan vs. Barcelona: Wednesday Nov. 23, 2011 @ 20:45
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[Image: ac-milan-soccer-jersey-football-kit-new-...2-home.jpg]VS.[Image: barcelona-jersey-football-kit-new-season...2-home.jpg]

Never too early to start this MAMMOTH matchup. Plain and simply, this game is for First Place.

Allegri's folly of not including El Shaaraway nor Inzaghi in the Champions League squad has now come back to bite him as Cassano is unfortunately out for months. Last game against Barca we started Cassano-Pato up front with Boateng right behind. Now we will have Ibra-Robinho with Boateng right behind. It's possible Pato will be ready for this but I doubt he will start considering how long he's been out.

we need to have our midfielders ready to work hard, and Robinho & Ibra must be ready to counter attack.

--------------------------VAN BOMMEL------------------------------

One would consider more "defensive minded" midfielders, but considering Gattuso & Flamini are injured, and Ambrosini is in very poor form, as well as Seedorf, we should not take a chance with any other midfield than what we've been using all year.

FORZA MILANSagrinOkmilanDevilcool
They are a better team have better players in most areas , but are beatable now the only way we can pull that off is to play on the break that will depend on Pato as his pace will cause them trouble.
They create so much and have so much of the ball in each and every game it's disheartening to watch , but play it tight and defend like beast's is the only way we will get anything from this.
I'm not expecting to though , we have a long way to match or get near Barca .
I think we should take advantage of our pace and height. If we tried to play a "normal" good, we will have less chance to win.

At least we are already qualified. Smile That should take off some pressure and allow our players to do well in this important game.
I am not sure if we are quicker than them, but we are definitively taller! On the last game they never even tried to send the ball in the 16 from the corner, it was always a short pass.

Our chances could come from the corners and free kicks, with Silva, Ibrahimovic and even Yepes. But then again, it would be very dangerous and not very productive to play Yepes instead of Nesta Smile Smile

However, it is not the end of the world if we qualify as second. It is important that we qualify!

I hope that Ibra will be eager for revenge and give one of his best games.
We are actually quite a big side throughout the squad.But pace upfront and a slice of luck is what we need.Our forwards are faster than their defenders , but if the pass us off the pitch and tire us out from ball chasing I fear for a result.
I have a good feeling regarding this game ... When we drawed in Barcelona, we were in a terrible form and they seemed to be in good form.

Now, we seem to be in good form and they've been criticized a lot for being complacent sometimes in their games ...

Everything can happen in this game, and like I think we're on the good road to become one of the favourites of CL (maybe not this season, unless we beat Barcelona, but next season), I'll bet (no money involved though Big Grin) for a win !!

3-2 is my final scoreline ... Since the start of this season, we've conceded a lot of goals, so we will for sure concede goals against Barcelona, but we also score a lot of goals.
I kind of hope they beat us 2-0 or that berlu will get a clear picture what direction we should take from now on.
I hate to say it, but I doubt the result will have any real bearing on which direction Berlu thinks we should take. In all honesty, I do trust this squad to do well and would love to see us beat Barca and make a statement to world football.
I doubt we can make that statement.What interets me most is the gameplan allegri would take at home,an high press game or counter attack? I think the result will influence our rebuilding direction if the management really wants to succeed in europe.
I don't think this result will change anything in the way Galliani and Berlusconi work ... We could lose this game and finally be the European champion in May. IMO, this game will change nothing. The only reason why this game is important is to finish 1st of the group and have a potentially easier round then (well, not sure about that anyway).

I'm not in the bandwagon thinking Barcelona is unbeatable or almost, I'm not a fan of them, I even don't like them actually (the 150 passes in the midfield before attacking are boring). I don't think Berlusconi would/will accept to consider another team so much importantly that if we don't beat them, it would turn his mind ...
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