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Full Version: UEFA Europa League 2018-19
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So we've been placed in Pot 2.  Will be an interesting draw tomorrow
Pretty decent draw for us. We should top this group.

Group F
Real Betis

If we can't beat Betis and Olympiakos then we have no place being there.
betis is an interesting opponent
Decent group to be honest. Not too hard but not extremely soft.
We should win this group. It will not be walk throug park ,but there should not be serious problems either.
Not to be underestimated this group. The geeks are tough, betis well unpredictable. Dudelange are an amateur side.

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I honestly dont know how we can enter UEL.
What's the voluntary agreement?
Reduced squad size?
We should be able to cruise thru..
I think it's a tough draw
It's a tough draw alright. I would like to avoid Dudelange in the 1st game. I think the emotion of their 1st time in Europe may spur them on and could be tricky. They would have nothing to lose. 

Olympiakos Betis and ourselves are on level par I would say.
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